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I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2005 with a degree in classics. Studying the classics allowed me to look at ancient religions and magic, subjects which I was greatly drawn to. My dissertation was on Erotic Magic of the Ancients. I figured if I had to write 12,000 words I should write about something I’d find interesting!

I have adapted a couple of stories, including the Bacchae by Euripides, which I merged with Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns for an exclusive showing at the Scottish Pagan Conference at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh. 

I am a former English language teacher and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist. As well as being a classicist, I have also studied social psychology, psychology of addictions, and religion.  

My love of symbolism has drawn me to Gnosticism and Liberal Catholicism, in which I am now very involved. I am a demonologist and angelologist, as well as a mystic and healer.  I am hoping to become a trained exorcist in the future, and much of my own personal research is now taken up with this subject.

I head SPI Scotland, investigating and researching paranormal experiences. I also host and produce my own radio show, ADX-Files.

My lectures include: Demons and Dark Places; Angels: Our Celestial Allies; Faeries and Aliens; Eleusis: Mushrooms, Magic Potions & Mystical Experiences; Erotic Magic in the Ancient World; Clairsentience; and Symbolic Dream Hypnosis.

I co-organise the Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference. My talk for 2018 is entitled What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism! and is on the subject of possession and exorcism. 


7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I’m a Folklorist who is currently putting together a site to improve peoples understanding of how folklore and fairy tales can be used to better understand religion and culture. Also given your background as fantasy writer this could also be used as a resource to better understand fairies for such stories.

    I’ve written a free eBook available at http://zeluna.net/pagan-fairytales. This is the first set of downloadable essays on the subject of folklore and ancient religions although I have dozens throughout my site and blog.

    I’m looking for people interested in reviewing the information in this eBook. I realize that the opinions of the first essay may differ from some generally held ideas, so I ask for understanding that there are many traditions and that I’m just bringing up a little understood one that was extensive throughout Europe.

    Please let me know if you would be,



  2. Good to hear from you Nukiuk! Thanks for your message. Of course I will review your ebook. Happy to do that. I will take a look later, as I have a deadline for Monday, so am on a tight schedule over the weekend. I’ll write again soon, though.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi again Nukiuk ,

    I am just having a look through your website just now. It’s vast! It’s an incredible resource for fairy/fantasy writers, and I know someone else who has just published a children’s fairy story, so I am sure she would be more than happy to help out with reviews too.
    I have also had a quick look at your ‘About’ page. Are you also “Worlds Rise”? I was a little confused, but there is no doubt that you have put a huge amount of effort into this site and are obviously someone who takes the subject extremely seriously. I noted your academic study at the University of Hawaii.
    Where would you like me to send feedback to?


  4. Hello Alyson,

    Obviously I need to change the Worlds Rise page. Initially I’d hoped to have a literary magazine of fairy stories and that is still my goal. However for the moment I’m focusing on developing fairy and fairy tale resources.
    If you check out my section at zeluna.net/fairies you’ll see a number of fairy related stories. In addition I’ve also posted info on the Proto-Indo-European peoples and Pre-Indo-European peoples on my site. I’m looking to add a Proto-Celtic post as well.
    Feedback and requests can be sent to my email below. I’m currently also looking to get reviews from bloggers to help spread the word, but any feedback is appreciated as it helps me to better improve the site.


    Ty Hulse

  5. I hope your Celtic section will include more about specifically Scottish fairy tales. There are loads of them 🙂
    Talk to you soon.


  6. (Tried to add this to your blog 10 or more times, Ty Hulse, but the word verification doesn’t seem to be accepting):

    “500 Fairytales Discovered in Germany”. Apparently locked away for the last 150 years. Something for you to research!



  7. I have had a look at this fairy website and find it very intriging as well. I do hope you will inlude Scottish fairytales as there is a wealth of tales and soures out there, Nukuik, as Aly points out. I think what you’ve done so far is immense and a wonderful resource. I write fairy tales/folk lore stories for older children about the Sidhe, based on stories of my grandfather and books.
    Keep up the good work!

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