Interview with Gary Heseltine ahead of his upcoming UFO Truth Magazine Conference.

Andy Young from Enemy Within interviews Alyson Dunlop (ADX-Files, EDX-Files, and SPI Scotland).

Interview with Rendlesham Forest UFO whistleblower, Larry Warren, and his co-author of Left at East Gate, Peter Robbins.

Interview with Dave Hodrien, the UK’s leading alien abduction researcher.

Interview with Scottish psychical researcher and author, Tricia Robertson from the SSPR. 


Gordon Rutter from the Edinburgh Fortean Society talks about myth, magic, and mushrooms.

Anthony discusses his theories of consciousness and the infinite mind.

Brian talks about various subjects including Rosslyn, magic, ghosts and UFOs!

Jon Rees is a top Ripperologist who discusses Jack the Ripper in this show.

Charmaine Fraser is the number one Bigfoot researcher in Scotland!

A variety of subjects discussed on this show with Ben.  Including: Helen Duncan, UFOs, and the world of conspiracy.

The 35th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident at Bentwaters.  Whistleblower Larry Warren and his co-author researcher and investigative writer Peter Robbins join me on this special show.

Top conspiracy theorist, Andy Thomas, discusses various subjects and gives us lots to contemplate…

Roland Watson – Loch Ness Monster researcher.

Suzy Hansen is an experiencer/communicator with aliens as well as a researcher in New Zealand.

Mark Bennett talks about The Aetherius Society

Steve Johnson talks to me about his prophetic dreams.

Vice president of the SSPR, Innes Smith, discusses various subjects including his sighting of Nessie, Spring-Heeled Jack, sensory deprivation, vampires, and mesmerism!