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Divine Love

I hear a lot of negative comments about religion, but at the heart of it all is the same thing. It’s what Jesus was all about: love.   Religion is not the problem. People are the problem. We forget that ultimately, regardless of our differences, we can love each other.  “Church” is anywhere your heart is and the Divine presence can be felt anywhere and everywhere, if you allow yourself to feel it

The Bible is a book with a mixture of mythology, allegorical stories, and a little bit of history thrown in. Christianity is based on many ancient religions (it’s never been denied), but it is timeless and beautiful, if you know what you’re looking at and understand what is being said. Having read about world religions and practised various traditions over the years, I personally have never felt so spiritually uplifted as I do right now, but it’s okay if it’s not right for others. Spirituality, I think, is something you find on your own when/if you are ready.

All I would say, is that I deliberately shut myself off from Christianity for years, seeing all the negatives, thinking it was something it was not. A few years ago, I decided, as an experiment, to throw myself into it to try to understand what people got from it. I decided consciously not to focus on all the negatives and preconceived notions I had. The rest is, as they say, history.   There was a point where the jigsaw puzzle all fitted into place. I’ll never forget that feeling of love radiating out from my heart, connecting me to the Christ energy, when finally I understood.


Gnostic Thought for the Day

(From The Gospel According to Thomas)

Then some of those disciples said to Yeshua:
“Tell us who you really are, so that we may believe in you.”
He replied: “You are testing the FACE of Heaven and Earth.
You are studying The All [the manifest universe]
without recognizing the Divine One that inhabits everything and everyone. You do not see God, literally everywhere. But you do not even know how to truly live in just this moment, without an agenda.
“When you finally see ‘The I’ within yourself, you will emotionally melt in joy and you will know that the I AM and the ‘I’—Its manifest expression— are One. If you have seen ‘the I’ within, you have seen your I AM Self. 91.
When you perceive one not born of woman
[seeing the Christ Expression perform its work within you]
then lay Down your ego personality and its mental habit patterns,
with which you have identified and protected all these years,
and just let them go. STOP leaning on your old habits.
Live spontaneously now, in the moment, without an agenda, and you will be led by the Divine One, and you will live in the frequency of Bliss.
Humbly honor only that birth-less and death-less Divine Life Force in you. Worship That One … with time spent together … within.
Make the purification and vibrational increase of your Temple [body]
the first priority; for that is the first glimmering of re-union
with the great I AM of you, in you, as you. 15.
from the Lachlen Paul French translation of The Gospel According to Thomas

My Calling

I was brought up a Protestant, but there was very little I could grasp and understand about Christianity within Protestantism, much as I tried. I did occasionally go along to church with my mother, but it was because I loved singing. That was the main thing I connected with.

However, I knew I was religious – or wanted to be.  I had my first religious experience when I was 17, driving through the Highlands.  The sun rays were coming through the clouds and lighting up the mountains in a most peculiar and magical way.  I asked the driver to stop the car and got out to gaze at the scene, awestruck and filled with a sense of spiritual wonder.  I said to my companions, “If God exists, then that – for me – is God.”

I looked at various different faiths like Buddhism and Spiritualism.  Eventually I found paganism and that offered something I could grasp, seeing the actual material world spiritually. I knew it wouldn’t stop there, but it gave me a start, a very good foundation, and that spirituality eventually extended to the idea of the cosmic soul, the Divine energy that is in and around everything.  I still felt there was much to be discovered, though.

Even as a pagan, I would say Catholic prayers and novenas after having experiences with angelic beings and connecting with Our Lady.  I speak with the angels and they always seemed to respond in a very profound way. They answer my prayers and they never let me down.

All through this part of my journey, I still knew that at some point I would discover Jesus. I felt he was there, and I felt that we had an understanding, but I knew I didn’t really comprehend him yet. However, I had faith that I would someday.

A few years ago, I decided to throw myself into really trying to grasp Christianity, so I attended the midnight mass at St Aloysius on Christmas Eve and watched online masses to see what people got out of being a Roman Catholic.   I eventually realised, to put it in terms that I understood as a hypnotherapist, that the priest was providing something akin to a counselling service. The mass was therapeutic, giving people advice in whatever situation they may find themselves in which might cause them anxiety, or pain, or anguish. It also provided community, something which I have found to be missing in my life, and something I know many people feel is missing in theirs. One time in Greece, my mother and I sat on the balcony of our hotel listening to the priests singing in the Orthodox church below at dusk. Afterwards, family and friends all traipsed out, talking and laughing.  It was a real sense of community, which I felt was missing in my own life and generally in the world.

As I began to understand Christianity through the eyes of Roman Catholicism and, it has to be said, through the eyes of a pagan and Gnostic, I still knew that I could never become a Roman Catholic because I disagreed with their philosophies and rules on homosexuality, divorce, celibacy in the priesthood, contraception, and women priests. Also, very importantly, I still hadn’t figured out Jesus yet, which greatly bothered me.

I had begun to get ‘signs’ like seeing crosses, and I had two different psychics walk up to me and tell me there was a cross on my forehead. Neither of them knew me, nor did they know that just months before my father had died, he did the exact same thing!

As my knowledge grew, through my love of symbolism and allegory, I began to understand the meaning behind many of the mysteries. I really started to enjoy seeing what it all meant and how it could all be applied. I actually got to the point of considering starting a new religion that would be very similar to Roman Catholicism, but without all the rules that don’t gel with our modern world. I envisaged this religion would also teach the mysteries of the symbolism within Catholicism. It would enhance their meaning to the worshipper, giving them a spiritual understanding they could apply to their own lives, ultimately bringing them closer to God.
One night, in the same way I would normally speak with angels, I decided it was time to speak directly to Jesus, and I asked him to reveal himself and let me understand him in a way that was right for me.  It felt like it was time to do that.  I had been guided towards Christianity and even to the priesthood, but if that was to happen I would have to be able to perceive him in a way that would suit me and everything I had learned up until now.

The very next day, I heard Bishop David Parry speaking on a radio show about Gnosticism and emailed him straight away to get him on my show to discuss it. It was exactly the road into Christianity that I needed. To be able to add mystical understanding to Christian myth, but that it did not necessarily negate Christian history or Christ, that’s what I was looking for.  Then we spoke about the Old Catholic Church and those two things i.e. ancient Catholicism and Gnosticism, answered my prayers.

All this has been a calling, because I know that there is something missing in our society and I believe that many people are looking for a bridge between the usual Christianity, perhaps especially Roman Catholicism, and the modern world. Even although it’s the Old Catholic Church, it is more modern in thought and provides something that many people need in this day and age.

Old Catholicism and Gnostic Christianity both, in my opinion, bridge the gap between the modern neo-pagan movement and Christianity. I know pagans and Roman Catholics who find they can relate to these two paths and are very interested in finding out more.  This suggests to me that there is likely to be more people out there who want the same.

I have received so much angelic guidance over the years that has brought me to this point.  Now I am looking forward to the next part of the journey and being ordained into the priesthood with the Apostolic Old Catholic Church.

Your friend, A.D.

Analysis of Larry Warren’s Handwriting


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The story of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is known around the world.  However, what is less certain is exactly what happened, and exactly who was there.

For years, Larry Warren has claimed to be the whistleblower which, in fact, is inaccurate. Furthermore, the research gathered by Sacha Christie shows that he is, at best, an unreliable witness. His account of the event has changed more than once over the years. At worst, he appears to have faked photographs and sold false memorabilia of the rich and famous dead.  On top of his reputation for aggressive and threatening behaviour, it’s hardly surprising that a great deal of suspicion surrounds this character.

All Sacha Christie’s evidence can be viewed here: Sacha Christie’s Infomaniac Blog 

Part of the on-going investigation has highlighted that Warren’s handwriting appears to resemble certain other military signatures.  If these are proved to be forgeries, there really is no evidence that Warren was there at all during the 3rd night of UFO activity.  This is something Col Charles Halt and many others have always maintained, saying that Warren used other people’s stories as his own.  There is even less evidence that he ever saw alien beings in the forest that night.

As well as faked photographs, potentially faked signatures, and selling fake memorabilia, this would mean that the book he wrote with co-author, Peter Robbins, is also perhaps based on the fantasies of Warren.  Recently Peter Robbins cut ties with Warren.

Obviously there have been some rumblings from Warren’s indignant supporters and die-hard fans, although, as the evidence piles up, there definitely appears to be fewer of them.  As someone who is now no longer a supporter of Larry Warren, but taking part in an investigation, I am aware that many people have started to see the cracks in his story.  Those people want answers and resolution.  They want a proper investigation.

Myself and my colleagues have decided to set up a GoFundMe page through SPI Scotland in order to raise the amount necessary to have Larry Warren’s handwriting professionally analysed.   It’s the only solution that will ever make both sides happy, barring a full lie-detector test.   Handwriting analysis is more accurate, though.

It seems both sides think their evidence is correct, and unfortunately ill-feeling will forever be present on this subject until it is resolved with some hard and irrefutable evidence.

Larry Warren’s credibility has been in question for many years.  This will resolve the issue once and for all.   Then we can all move on.  None of us like this.   We are questioning it because we believe we have evidence which shows that Larry Warren has lied to all of us.  If our efforts so far are not enough evidence, there is no choice but to have an independent professional give us the answer.

Thank you for considering donating money to this cause.  Properly verified evidence is something that everyone within the UFO community should be striving for.

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Response to Ben Emlyn-Jones

On 22nd December 2016, the UFO community in the UK began to unite and move forward. Finally. Those who have been the victims of Larry Warren’s ravings and threats, those who have been lied about (myself included), and turned against one another by him, have made amends.  It had been a truly beautiful day.  We agreed to all go into 2017 together, the slate clean.

However, on the very same day I was so disappointed that Ben Emlyn-Jones chose to support the very person who had ripped us all apart in the first place.  I can barely believe Ben would do this, on that day of all days.  A day that progress was made. Shame on you, Ben.

How could you, after that farce of a radio show you did with him, “Larry Warren Speaks”?  “Responds to serious allegations,” it says on your web page.  Did he? Did he heck. I sat and listened to him do the exact same all over again, off on his own agenda, pretending to not even remember the name of the group organising the conference he had been banned from twice.   It was pathetic. People in the chat room got no chance to voice their opinions, but were hounded down by Larry’s henchmen as soon as they protested.  Not everyone who disagrees with LW and his behaviour is a troll.  In fact, you say in your blog that he is “flawed”, “his own worst enemy”, “a difficult man to get along with”, and “volatile”.  He claims to have PTSD.  No person I have encountered with PTSD has behaved so badly.  PTSD, if he has it, is not an excuse for his behaviour for the last 30+ years.  You talk about people having damaged goods on their shelf.  I can give you a pile of them, and they are not pretty.   Those who have been through far worse do not behave in such a destructive manner as LW.  It is not PTSD, or at the very least it is not only PTSD that is responsible.  Those with the condition would never dream of willingly causing pain and heartache to others. He has caused a lot of emotional damage, and has never stepped forward to apologise for it.  He has only emerged with a mouthful of erratic and foul language to further accuse people who have done nothing wrong, except stand up to his threats and unacceptable behaviour.  Yet, you stand by and condone it.  On your show, Ben, his threats were brushed under the carpet, like they were nothing.  Do you know what he said to me on the day I told him our event had been cancelled by the GUU?  “This is the best publicity you’ll ever get.”  He could not have cared less.

You use the phrase “Truth Mob” like it’s a vile thing to be avoided at all costs.  You would prefer to live in your bubble of conspiracy theories than ever get to the truth out in the real world.  You’re trapped in Larry Land, Ben.

You claim a fanatical campaign has been organised and launched against Warren. Are people not allowed to respond to threats of being told they will have their windpipe punched through their spine, as he did with Sacha Christie?  Are they supposed to sit quietly when they are called a bitch who needs to be “run out”, as he did with me?  His repugnant language is thrown about at everyone, whether friend or foe.  Yet, you cannot see it.  Not even after Peter Robbins issued a clear statement saying he was cutting ties with Larry.  Why would he do that?  Do you think after such a long friendship Peter would walk away for no good reason?  Just for the sake of it?

You say you have been presented with no evidence?  Are you serious, Ben?  Are you unable to comprehend what is written on Sacha Christie’s blog?  It’s not fanatical.  It’s dedicated to something you do not seem to be remotely interested in: the truth.

I was under the impression, at one point, that beneath Larry’s volatile exterior there was a heart of gold. I was so wrong.  I’m not even sure there’s a heart there.  If there is, it’s made of stone.

I can tell you right now, I for one am not going to be sitting quietly and just taking the insults, and you can bet that Sacha Christie never has and never will either.  You, and the ever-depleting allies of Warren will just have to suck it up.

The truth has come out and we are taking no more bullshit from anyone.

Corroborating Evidence by James Welsh


Corroborating Evidence

James Welsh has clearly spent a great deal of time and effort, not just getting the story of his important and significant sightings out to the public, but also in corroborating his sightings with similar global sightings that occurred at the same time. He has done an extensive investigation for the reader’s benefit, with a massive bibliography for easy online research. This book functions as an ideal reference book for researchers.
Corroborating Evidence deserves to be published by a reputable publisher who can improve on the structure of the book, but apart from that, Welsh has produced a book to be proud of and any serious investigator and researcher should get a copy. The price does not justify the amount of work that has been put into this project. Welsh has done a great service to ufology with this book, and I hope to see more from him in the near future.

US Military Intercepted by Chinese Jet

A US military aircraft were intercepted by Chinese fighter jets over the South China Sea, the Pentagon has said.

The incident took place in international airspace on Tuesday in a further escalation of tensions in the contested area.

The Pentagon said the reconnaissance plane was carrying out a “routine US patrol” when two Chinese fighter jets carried out an “unsafe” intercept.

It comes a week after China scrambled fighter jets as a US Navy ship sailed close to a disputed reef in the South China Sea.

China claims most of the South China Sea, through which $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year.

Full story on STV online: CLICK HERE

EgyptAir Flight Disappeared

Outside the terminal, doctors, and nurses, as well as military personnel, have been seen going into the hall where relatives of the passengers of the missing plane are being kept.

The Egyptian aviation ministry has announced a press conference due to take place at 1.30pm local time (11.30am GMT).

(Extract from Guardian online)

Click here to find out more.

Ayrshire Military Strangeness…


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What’s going on at Prestwick Airport?

“RAF Prestwick is home to the Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre (Military) and is one of 2 Military Air Traffic Control Radar Units (ATCRUs) within the United Kingdom.

It is responsible for the provision of air traffic and other associated services to military and civil aircraft within UK airspace.” (1)

A year ago, it was in lockdown when an Italian military plane lost communication.  Typhoon jets escorted it in.  Some newspapers report it was a civilian plane.  It was a major incident, and eye-witnesses (names withheld) reported that the airport was “crawling with military personnel”. One eye-witness also stated that he had seen the plane in Glasgow earlier that day.  More than 17 police vehicles, sniffer dogs, and 4 fire engines and their crews were on standby (2), but strangely, some reports referred to it as being a civilian aircraft.  Which was it?

There have been a few other weird losses of communication, and planes (military or otherwise) escorted by Typhoon jets, as discussed on this weeks ADX-Files with myself and Ben-Emlyn Jones. Click here to listen.

This week, my sources have been reporting more military activity in and around the Ayr and Prestwick area.  One resident heard planes “roaring” over her house at 02:00 hours, although she wasn’t able to see them when she looked.  She could only hear them.

Another resident reported similar last night, around 23:30, hearing really loud planes passing overhead. She also reported that there have been helicopters, low flying aircraft and “unusual military trucks” in the area recently.

A third resident saw a Hercules, and described it as being very noisy.

Another witness reports seeing a few green military planes coming in to land recently, and a camouflaged Range Rover drove through Ayr within the last few days, complete with gun.  Was that also just a military exercise?  If so, why are so many needed and why at night when clearly that would disturb people the most?

Even in North Norfolk I’ve had a report of “strange goings on” with an increase in night flying.  This witness said it went on until 23:30 on 17th May.  A further witness has just reported that even North Devon has just undergone a similar series of incidents. He stated there were black helicopters over his roof at night; and Chinook and Hercules planes over the local base. The witness says it went on for days, and is still occuring now. The rumour in North Devonshire is that it appears to indicate a response to a major terrorist incident in a rural area. Another source has been “watching the RAF tankers circling over the North sea off either Newcastle or Hull since the incident with the plane escorted to Newcastle on flight radar 24.”   This is clearly not just going on in Ayr and Prestwick.

If you live in the Ayrshire area, please get in touch if you see any strange military activity or hear any strange noises that you would like to report to me.  Your name and details will be kept strictly confidential.  You will remain anonymous unless you specifically give permission to be named.