The Danger of Conspiracy Theories

I’ve seen a few posts with people saying that radiation poisoning from 5G is the cause of people dying and not COVID-19, because the symptoms of radiation poisoning suspiciously match those of COVID-19.

Theorists have said they believe that COVID-19 cases are higher in places with 5G switched on and that people who really just have pneumonia, colds, and flus are being told that they have a mild form of the virus. This allegedly helps doctors to fudge the numbers of COVID-19 deaths and that, in reality, there is no such thing as COVID-19.

Furthermore, the rich cartels have colluded to cull the world’s population through radiation poisoning in order to rule a moneyless world.

There are a number of problems with these theories. First of all, they are just theories: thoughts based on no solid information or science. No evidence is given of the higher rates of pneumonia, colds, and flus in 5G areas. Even if there were, this still does not prove that 5G is the cause. There may be other reasons for higher incidences of disease. Again, there is no information or references for these assumptions and claims.

Second of all, why would doctors lie to patients about test results?  Where is the evidence for the claim that they are fudging numbers and why would they?  Nothing is given to back up this claim either.

Third, how do theorists know rich cartels have colluded to cull the world’s population through radiation poisoning in order to rule a moneyless world? Absolutely no evidence is given for this theory either, yet it is all presented as fact to frightened people looking for answers.

There is no scientific proof that 5G causes radiation poisoning. It’s been researched and they couldn’t give conclusive evidence for it. That’s not to say that 5G is not dangerous, but it is irresponsible to make such a claim founded on no evidence whatsoever.

Not that I am a philosopher, but I have sat in enough lectures to understand that the COVID-19 = 5G radiation poisoning is invalid. Let me give you an example to help you understand the principle of an invalid argument.

 Cassandra owns a Mercedes-Benz. 

Rich people own Mercedes-Benz automobiles.  

Therefore, Cassandra must be rich.

In the same way, we can see how the COVID-19 = 5G argument is invalid.

5G causes radiation poisoning which causes radiation pneumonitis (NB there is no evidence)

COVID-19 causes pneumonia

Therefore, 5G must be COVID-19

The deceiving phrase is “must be”. It only “must be” in the conspiratorial imagination because there is not enough information to conclude the entire story.

Pneumonia is caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or foreign objects/substances which should not be in the lungs. It is not caused by radiation poisoning.

Radiation pneumonitis is not the same thing as pneumonia[1]. Symptoms are similar, but where pneumonia is bacterial, fungal or viral, pneumonitis is a lung injury caused by an irritant. Doctors are qualified to tell the difference and the scientists doing the testing are also qualified to know what they are seeing through a microscope.

If radiation were a factor, we could expect to see absolutely no discrimination between the young and old or the sick and healthy, but some people are more at risk than others. The risk of death increases greatly if you are older or have certain health issues. The virus does therefore discriminate, hence why some of us have received letters from the NHS instructing us to stay inside for at least 3 months.

Which brings me to my final point. What is COVID-19? It is an infectious disease caused by a virus (Coronavirus)[2]. It shows up under a microscope. It is a real, physical, visible thing. Viruses are tiny microbes. They are so small that 500 million rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold, could fit on the head of a pin. They only come to life and can then multiply when they are inside the cells of living things. Up until that point, they are genetic material surrounded by a protective protein. Sometimes they have spikes and are able to latch onto host cells and get inside them.[3]

Conspiracy theories with no backbone do not help how people are feeling right now. Think about the validity of your argument. Critically analyse your beliefs.  Be careful with terminology.

COVID-19 is real. The only reason to think otherwise would be if you were experiencing a high state of paranoia, fear, and distrust of absolutely everyone, especially governments. The cry of “We are being lied to!” can be heard right across the internet. Analyse the evidence and analyse your argument. You will find that there is a vast difference between what feeds into your fears and what is actual fact. This is dangerous in the current climate. It is what will stop you from staying indoors or wearing a mask and gloves outside. It will help to spread the disease rather than stop it. Now more than ever we must turn away from these deluded conspiracy theories. Your life, and everyone you love, depends upon it.





Coronavirus: Scientists brand 5G claims ‘complete rubbish’


Question Time for Gary Heseltine


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Sacha Christie demands answers from Gary Heseltine about Larry Warren’s big, whopping, outrageous lies.

You can’t run away from evidence and Sacha Christie has laid it all out beautifully for Gary Heseltine’s perusal, although he probably can’t be bothered to read it. He does seem to have a problem looking at evidence these days.   Maybe it’s time for the retired policeman to retire from ufology too.

Click here to read Sacha’s newest blog post!

** NB. For the record, I am not a member of Antifa, nor have I ever been, nor would I ever be.  I also don’t “run Glasgow”.

Ali Jay Stone

Ali J Stone

It all kicked off again on Thursday 31st January.  Just as my SAD was beginning to lift, another kind of sad took its place in the form of a woman called Ali Jay Stone (probably a pseudonym). I used to communicate with this person, but blocked her two years ago and had heard nothing about her since.

It began when Sacha Christie posted a link to her radio show: See here.

Darren Cooper shared it and was met with this response from Ali Jay Stone:

There are all sorts of reasons why people fantasise, fib, or “have a spot of wishful thinking”, Mrs Stone informs us. Well, Mrs Stone would know. Mrs Stone also seems to have an issue with researchers who take screenshots, but wait a minute…  Isn’t Mrs Stone a UFO/Rendlesham researcher? Surely she would know that screenshots constitute necessary evidence.

I was then sent something written by Ali Jay Stone from 26th January:

According to Mrs Stone, the Warren investigators are simply starstruck groupies who want drama. Believe me, I have enough drama going on in my life without fawning over wannabe rock stars. My motive is now, and always has been, to find the truth. I can assure you, I am not involved in this toxic subject for the fun of it. Actually, as of the publication of Peter Robbins’ blog on 13th June 2017 I haven’t really been involved in this subject at all.

Although it is quite badly recorded, without quotes or colons, Mrs Stone copied the conversation which followed on Sacha Christie’s Facebook page. We are unsure how Mrs Stone came by the information, whether through a ‘spy’ or a secret Facebook address. Either way, she certainly does stalk Sacha Christie. Our conversation is recorded after the first paragraph:

As you can see, I have said that I blocked her due to her constant messages.

She goes on to say:

She claimed she had never had any communication with me and that I was “rather naughty” for claiming this to be the case. She says she never trusted me and that I  fantasised about the conversations we had. She called me a liar. Big mistake in a day and age where every word is recorded and you need to be sure of your facts before accusing someone of lying… However, we will come back to that later.

By Sunday 3rd February, we received the following:

Mrs Stone was now threatening to turn up to the Woodbridge Conference 2019, which is being organised by David Young and John Hanson. Sacha Christie will be speaking. She includes a catty remark at the bottom that she hopes I will not be there with my emails (i.e. those she sent me).

Sacha immediately responded:

David Young responded that it would be fine for her to buy tickets so long as she did not threaten to cause trouble.

Sacha pointed out how insignificant Mrs Stone is to the film (Capal Green) and investigation (of Larry Warren).  Frankly, we are all at a loss why she is attempting to weave herself into something so utterly toxic that the rest of us wish was not part of our life. If you have a choice, especially if it has nothing to do with you, keep yourself out of it is my advice!

As for me, well, I was getting fed up being called a rather naughty liar. As soon as she had started talking about me and calling me a liar, I immediately unblocked her, found our communications, and screenshot them all. All 85 pages of them. It never fails to amuse me how people with something to hide get annoyed about people taking screenshots. As investigators, shouldn’t we be doing just that and making sure we have all the facts before opening our mouths? I would have thought so. Also, as researchers we depend on evidence. Screenshots are evidence. Reading primary sources is evidence.

I decided to respond to Mrs Stone. She wants attention, so I shall oblige. Now is the time to show everyone exactly who is the liar.

(Response Cont.):

That’s the thing with social media. You need to remember that it’s all there. It’s all recorded. You cannot lie. You cannot call others liars unless you are sure they have lied, but of course Mrs Stone already knew who the liar was.

Out of the 85 screenshots of messages I took of our communications 2+ years ago, I posted this one publicly in order to prove to everyone that I was not a liar. She was.

Within minutes Mrs Stone, or her “spy”, had seen our responses.  She did a quick retreat and started back-pedalling. An apology would have been better, but instead of even replying to my response Mrs Stone informed the world she would not be attending the conference, that if anyone trolled her, she would hand out screenshots at the conference along with a police escort (nice of her to give them a day off from the murderers and rapists), and have Sacha, David, and myself arrested. To finish off this embarrassing display of shameful behaviour, Mrs Stone further humiliated herself by implying that Sacha, David, and myself were a “threesome”.

I assure Mrs Stone that we have never been in any kind of threesome. I have met the others once, David at the Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference 2016 (Glasgow) and Sacha in 2017 (Falkirk). In the past, we have shared information with regards to the Larry Warren investigation and both David and Sacha have been on my show. We are friends and have respect for one another. I’m not entirely sure what Mrs Stone is trying to imply, but this kind of spiteful comment is both pathetic and childish. It makes you wonder what goes on in someone’s life and mind when they come out with things like that.

What is clear is that it took less than an hour for her to change her threats about appearing at David’s conference after we mentioned the possibility of her receiving a police visit and I had posted up one page of her communication to me.  However, she now claims that my evidence is…wait for it…a mock up! She tried to say I faked the screenshots of our communication. Of course, with illness and conference organising I have plenty of time for faking screenshots of people who have nothing to do with me and whom I have not communicated with for two years. Of course.

I bet she’s feeling rather foolish. It certainly didn’t take her long to change her mind about the conference, though, did it?  She has humiliated herself by trying to lie about me. She got burned. I will not be lied about. I wasn’t stalking. I was going through my own private messages, as is my right to do.

Incidentally, this is also the woman who spread lies and gossip about David Young being a government spy, as you may have heard me question David about on my show.

Up until this point, I really had no major issues with her. She’s annoying and gossipy and actually I had completely forgotten about her as our last communication was exactly two years ago to the day!  However, she chose to make it personal with the wrong person. Ali Jay Stone is not a researcher of anything. She is an attention seeker. Well, she’s got our attention now. Perhaps she’ll be more careful what she wishes for in the future.

It didn’t stop there, however. Mrs Stone is now posting violent messages about people being kneecapped! I am sure the police will be interested in this and Mrs Stone may be finding herself receiving a visit from her local constabulary. She ought to warn her husband in case he has that fit.

Quite frankly, who has the time for all these games? Not me. Life is too short.  This  attention is unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary, and puerile.

Over and out.

The Rather Naughty, but Truthful, Alyson Dunlop

Peter Robbins Versus The Haters

Peter Robbins

A few months ago, ufology was rocked by an outburst of anti-Semitism against a beloved researcher, Peter Robbins. Below is Peter’s response. Everyone needs to know the truth. The more we dig, the darker and more sickening it becomes it would seem. We have never been free of the evil that is anti-Semitism, propagated by the likes of BEJ and Kollerstrom, whose hate speech feeds those willing to believe the holocaust was a figment of Jewish imagination. 
I think the picture is now a lot clearer about who said what and why they might have said it. 
As ufology goes on, the real researchers such as Peter Robbins and Sacha Christie, bound by an unspoken rule of evidence and truth, will continue to weed out these liars and deniers.

Here is Peter’s statement. 

“I’m going to keep this simple. I never had a reason to draw a parallel between my chosen field of research, that being UFO studies, and anti-Semitism, until last month that is when I was given cause to do just that. The paper that follows addresses this subject If you choose to read it you are welcome to respond, comment or otherwise express their thoughts about it. I hope those doing so will include colleagues in ufology, serious students of the subject, those who are new to it, old friends, newer friends and Facebook friends I have yet to meet. I ask only that you keep your comments and/or exchanges civil, at least as civil as I have in this paper, which at times may not actually be saying much for me. I will not be commenting on your posts, nor ‘liking’ nor ‘entering into dialogue’ with anyone on them. I say what I feel I have to hear and trust that will be alright with you. The fact is I need to turn my attention to a far more pressing situation in my life about which I’ll post briefly tomorrow or the next day. Thank you for your attention in this troubling matter, and how ironic that I completed this piece earlier today on what is the eightieth anniversary of Kristallnacht. Click here to read. 

A Case of Hate Speech in Ufology and a Brief Investigation Into Its Origin
By Peter Robbins

Last month, someone I do not know, had never heard of, and have no connection to that I’m aware of, came at me in a particularly ugly, hateful way on a blogsite in the UK. My response to their attack was fated to veer into investigation, the reasons for which will become apparent to readers. My apologies in advance to anyone venturing into this narrative who finds parts of it offensive. If so, I couldn’t agree with you more. The great majority of individuals who people this field of ufology are dedicated to the truth as they best perceive it, and ethical and principled in their research and investigations. I’m proud to count many of them among my good friends and esteemed colleagues and dedicate this paper to them, depressing as its subject matter may be.

I’m one of those who have dedicated a good part of their lives to the study of seemingly genuine anomalous UFO related phenomena. People like me are sometimes lauded for our views and findings and mocked or even attacked for them at other times. It comes with the territory. I’ve seen my fair share of both over the years, and long ago, developed the habit of rarely responding to attacks unless I felt it was fully warranted. My friend and mentor Budd Hopkins set that example for me. His well-founded observation was that, with respect to his self-appointed critics and detractors. the overwhelming majority of negative communications he received were rarely insightful or accurate. However, on those occasions when this remarkable investigative writer, author, speaker, and artist suffered an attack that demanded a response, he took the time necessary to fully address his attacker, and in hyper-specific terms, never in generalizations. There is no question that he resented every minute of the time it took away from the things he otherwise needed or wanted to do, but Budd never avoided the task, unpleasant as it might be. I felt and continue to feel the same way.

The investigators who’ve earned my greatest respect are those who manage to balance the historic and scientific data they’ve accumulated, along with the most credible (and hopefully) evidence-driven witness and experiencer testimony. Running along a parallel set of tracks is the ever-present desire to be taken seriously by the public at large. Let’s face it, while becoming more accepting of the reality of this phenomena each year, the general public still tends to regard an interest in UFOs as a sign of mental instability, mystical longing, cult involvement, being a trickster or conspiracy monger, a fame-driven loner, or, my personal favorite, someone who wants to ‘feel special.’ Even so, on rare occasions, an investigation can turn toxic. Some readers know that this was the case for me several years back when decades of committed research melted down around me when the alleged witness I had been working with was proven to have lied, exaggerated and embellished his alleged account in a book we had written together, then to have threatened numerous individuals, myself included, who had contributed to the exposing his deceptions.

The specific UFO event affected by this individual’s toxicity was England’s well-known Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of 1980, an otherwise highly significant and well-documented case, but one now heavily tagged with confusion, bad blood, and feuding factions. No question about it, thirty plus years ago, I had first come to believe Larry Warren’s account and agreed to coauthor a book about the events of December 1980 and his involvement in them. I came to regard him as a brother, if a troubled one, and a friend who had exhibited what I felt was great courage in coming forward to make the incident, and his alleged involvement in it, know to the public. That all ended more than two years ago when I finally began paying attention to the mounting number of independent investigators around the United Kingdom – literally all of who had previously respected and admired Warren as much as I had, who were now contacting me, imploring me to read what each of them had discovered, learned or confirmed regarding problems in his published account and well documented example after example of his many fabrications and forgeries, not the least of which involved some of his USAF paperwork.

Despite the negative the impact of all this professionally, I’ve been moved by the large number of colleagues and friends who ‘got’ what had happened and did not hold it against me. Others however went quiet or otherwise drifted off my personal and professional radar. A methodical round of apologies on my part followed over the next year, in person, on the air, via email, and social media, to many people in specific, and to the thousands of readers in general who I had helped to mislead in the service of my conman partner. I then removed my two follow-up books from publication, both of which also lent support to Warren’s account. Then, with a real mixture of sadness, objectivity and anger, I advised our publisher of what I had learned with a request that they conduct their own investigation into the allegations. They did, and their findings agreeing with my own, the publication of Left At East Gate was suspended indefinitely this past January.
All this was written up and posted on my website,, in June of last year. You can still find it there front-and-center. Not surprisingly, my doing so was met with an assortment of attacks, from my former coauthor, and from a few of his remaining supporters, almost all of which I chose to ignore. Since then I’ve picked up where I’d left off with several new independent research projects, work on completing a book for publication next year, finalizing a few new conference papers, some intensive drilling down on investigations I’d begun but never completed, and continuing to take part in radio programs and blog-casts when invited. I’m sorry if some readers see this missive as ‘negative’ or vindictive; a refusal to walk away from an argument based on opinions and not facts. Nothing could be further from the truth. With all this understood, what am I so up-in-arms about?

On Saturday 13 October I received a brief Facebook message from a friend in the UK. It read, “Someone sent me something that’s been said about you. It’s not nice and don’t know if you should/would want to see it. I’d also say it was hugely anti-Semitic.” I wrote back, “Whatever it says my friend, yes, I’d like to see it. And if by chance you know who that someone is, I’d like to know that as well. With thanks, Peter

The statement was posted sometime the day before (Friday 19 October) and the message to me contained the name of my attacker, one Jay Deavin, along with his Facebook address, “No idea who he is,” my friend continued, “I just see he’s a friend of Ben’s…,” Ben being Ben Emlyn-Jones, an Oxford based podcaster I had met on two occasions at conferences in England. His HPANWO-VOICE.BLOGSPOT.COM was where the statement had appeared. I was also sent two separate screen grabs of the attack on me as it appeared on Ben’s page. I cannot include them in this Facebook post as they constitute such an ugly example of hate speech that doing so would get me suspended from my page for thirty days. This is not an exaggeration. Another friend in the UK did just that in an attempt to make this attack known to others, and as a result received a thirty-day suspension from one of her pages. I include that full statement as text only, and if any representative of Facebook comes upon it, I trust they will understand and appreciate the context and purpose of my doing so. I could only deduce that, using the function on Facebook, he had played with the arrangement of his words until he was pleased with their precise arrangement:

“Cannot stand this Jewish homosexual !….Deceiving sly little shithead ! Most think he’s a sweet mild mannered little old lady….nothing could be further from the truth.
Can’t stand this little Jew boy fag !….Deceiving sly little shithead ! (devil emoji)
Can’t stand this little Jew boy fag !….Deceiving sly little shithead !
Can’t stand this Jew boy fag !….Deceiving sly little shithead !
Cannot stand this Jewish homosexual !….Deceiving sly little shithead ! Most think he’s a sweet mild mannered little old lady….nothing could be further from the truth.”

End of statement. If that were not enough, someone had actually clicked their Facebook ‘like’ button in response and added this comment as well: “Jay Deavin ppl {people} don’t have a clue..” A clue as to what a deceiving sly little shithead Jew boy fag Jewish homosexual I was? Or a clue to the later, that I’m anything but a sweet mild mannered little old lady. Or perhaps both? The person who’d clicked ‘like’ and left the message was Sue McAllister, someone who’d been a friend of mine once, and a good friend at that. Sue also happened to be the ex-wife of Larry Warren.

What can I say? I sat there staring at the screen trying to process what I had read and not doing a very good job of it. Shock? Anger? Sure. And some other feelings as well. As the impact of this truly ugly string of words began to take hold in my head, my mind went into a kind of involuntary ‘switch-over’ to a state of extreme objectivity. I understood that it was a manifestation of shock, and knowing it would evaporate quickly enough, simply went with it. In an instant I was reading and rereading Jay Deavin’s words as though I were a calculator, my only job to add up the number of times the words and phrases “fag,” “little,” “sly,” “deceiving” “Jew boy,” “sweet mild mannered little old lady,” “Can’t stand this little Jew boy fag,” and “Cannot stand this Jewish homosexual” had been written out. Who talks like this? I asked myself. Maybe a Gestapo officer in a film set in 1940, but a real person? Jay Deavin did not seem to have a lot of range as a writer, and I guess that’s being kind. If he’d intended to truly hurt or humiliate me with his cutting, rapier-like prose, he’d fallen short of the mark. But he really had made me angry.

Yes, I’m Jewish and proud of the fact, even if I’m not what you’d call religious. I was called names a few times as a kid because I was a Jew, but was fortunate to grow up free of truly vicious antisemitic attacks. What Jay Deavin had written though was like getting slapped in the face. I knew it was nothing by truly murderous Jew-hating standards, but it was a shock and it hurt. However for true shock value, it didn’t hold a candle to the second part of the ‘communication.’ I knew I was a Jew of course, but imagine my surprise to learn that I was also a homosexual as well. All my life I’d been living under the delusion I was a heterosexual man; talk about your awkward moments. I was not exactly sure how to handle this. I was not only being accused of being a ‘fag,’ but the ultimate guy putdown was being leveled against me as well – the repeated used of the word “little” that that clever fellow Jay Deavin had sewn into the fabric of his text. I wondered how he imagined I’d react to this lethal suit of insults? Perhaps, Oh NO and Eeeek! How will I ever live this down? How can I ever show my face at another UFO conference without everyone there thinking that I am a GAY UFO investigative writer? What would my gay friends think of me when they learned I’d been living my entire life in the closet instead of being gay with them? The humiliation would obviously be too much for me to bear. My life as I knew it was over and I would now have little option other than to retreat from public life for good and ever. Poor POOR pitiful me! Now that was funny.

What was not funny, was while this prick had taken a shot at publicly hurting me in his pathetic, unimaginative way, he caused me to think about something I thought I already appreciated, and did, but not to the degree as I was now. That being that I really had no idea what it felt like to be attacked simply because you are sexually attracted to people who are the same sex you are. It’s something you take for granted in our culture if you’re a heterosexual. During the course of my entire life no one had ever made fun of me for that. No one had ever made fun of me for being attracted to a girl, or later, being attracted to a woman. But what if I had grown up as one of them instead of as I had? How would I have dealt with the homophobes of the world who got in my face? To always be ready to run, to stand my ground, or possibly to get hurt, or worse? It was not unlike being a Jew, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or at the wrong moment in history. And it was all that simple, that ugly, and that awful. Naturally I already ‘knew’ all of this, but not quite so viscerally. This has nothing to do with the subject of UFOs of course. But it has everything to do with being a decent human being, if that’s something that matters to you.

A single question followed me out of my funk: who the FUCK was this Jay Deavin and what had gotten his undies into such a twist? Clicking on the link to his Facebook page, I was greeted by a photo of a smiling, beefy-faced, shaven-headed lad with bright little eyes who I guessed was in his early thirties. Obviously a good-natured sort of fellow, his Facebook photo shows him happily posing with a man in a headlock under his left arm, and a woman in a headlock under his right. Good fun! Deavin’s thumbs are up in the classic ‘winning’ gesture, and the couple in close contact with him are both smiling as well. I noted that we shared forty-one friends, but could find no hint of why he seemed to hate me. Maybe it had something to do with what Emlyn-Jones had written about me, then posted on12 October:
“The Peter Robbins Anti-Larry Warren Grand Radio Tour continues. His latest stop-off is The Fenton Files on KCOR. The relevant section is between 53.55 and 1.16.27:…/The-F…/2018/october/peter-robbins.mp3.

He repeats a lot of the same points he’s made in previous interviews, for example:…/peter-robbins-on-adx-fi…. He talks in more detail about how he first met Larry Warren and the history behind their book Left At East Gate. He then claims he found out that Larry had lied to him “with evidence that you could bring into a court of law”. However, as I said in my review of his appearance on previous radio programmes, he has never called the police or taken out a private suite against his former co-author. This is strange seeing that he accuses Larry of committing serious acts of criminal fraud. He then says that there is a “loyal cadre of individuals in the UK” who “look the other way”. This includes me of course. This is an extremely dishonest and underhand thing indeed for Peter to say. I have produced a multitude of publicly available material in written, audio and video forms explaining exactly why I think Peter is wrong. Some of it is linked below; anybody can see it and critique it at any time. He then gives another precognitive review of Capel Green, an act that has become virtually a cliché, and he advises people who see the film to “come to your own best decisions”. This is strange considering that it is obvious Peter is terrified of the thought of people doing that, just like Nick Pope, Col. Halt and all the trolls. It’s pretty clear that Peter Robbins has made a decision to pursue his conflict with Larry Warren and escalate it, even though he originally said he wanted to put it behind him.”

I knew Ben had a history of taking down offending posts at the same speed his friend Larry Warren used to, so I was not surprised when I clicked one after another of the five URLs he provided at the end of his post (“See here for background”) only to read “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.” He chides me for being on an “Anti-Larry Warren Grand Radio Tour.” I do have very strong objections to the making of any documentary film that gives voice to a proven liar with the legendary track record of complete and total bullshit achieved by my former coauthor and always will. It follows that Ben is again correct in observing that I found out Larry Warren had been lying to me, lies I maintained I could prove “..with evidence that you could bring into a court of law.” True. I, among others, have already offered up evidence into the public record to back this allegation, a sampling of which you will find in the previously noted statement posted on my website. And it’s true, as Emlyn-Jones asserts, that I‘ve never contacted the police or initiated a legal action against Warren, which to Ben “is strange seeing that he accuses Larry of committing serious acts of criminal fraud.” Back before this blogger became such a devoted acolyte of Warren’s, I appeared as a guest on his show several times at his request. He has been writing about me ever since, along with another target of his vitriol, Sacha Christie of Liverpool England. You can read all about us in his ongoing blog, “The Larry Warren Controversy,” now in its twenty-ninth episode I believe.

The reason I’ve never contacted any police department/ constabulary regarding Warren’s criminal enterprises is that I’ve learned from more experienced colleagues in the UK who have done just that, and in some cases, repeatedly, that law enforcement agencies there have not been willing to investigate him, thus far anyway. This may change in the coming months with the publication of an evidence-rich cyber-book that will literally catalogue Warren’s countless contradictions, confabulations, lies, criminal activities and threats against the health, safety and in some cases, the lives of a surprisingly large number of people. Once published, this book will be available at no cost to anyone interested in reading it. Neither have I initiated any legal actions against Warren. Why bother? So that I can spend an initial several thousand pounds hiring a law firm 3,000 miles away to remain in a protracted state of struggle with this person and in the process rob my day-to-day life of even more vitality, enjoyment, and other positive aspects than I already have? Thanks, but no thanks.

Emlyn-Jones again: “He {Peter} then writes that there is a “loyal cadre of individuals in the UK” who “look the other way”. This includes me of course. This is an extremely dishonest and underhand thing indeed for Peter to say. I have produced a multitude of publicly available material in written, audio and video forms explaining exactly why I think Peter is wrong. Some of it is linked below; anybody can see it and critique it at any time.” 
‘A loyal cadre’ is a fair characterization, and in no way is it ‘extremely dishonest or underhanded.’ Gary Haseltine, the West Yorkshire-based ufologist and retired police detective having taken over my old job as Warren’s chief defender and promoter, is now also the cowriter of “Capel Green,” the documentary. Filmmaker Dion M. Johnson is in charge of production and constitutes the other half of the scriptwriting team, Emlyn-Jones is most certainly the group’s dedicated media-man and chief chronicler, with Tino Megaro, Larry’s good friend and close adviser rounding out the core team. Ben say that he thinks I am wrong, but I invite him to answer the questions I posed to Warren in June 2017, questions he has steadfastly refused to answer, and that both Haseltine and Megaro have also gone silent on when posed to them in correspondence.

“He {Peter} then gives another precognitive review of Capel Green, an act that has become virtually a cliché, and he advises people who see the film to “come to your own best decisions”. This is strange considering that it is obvious Peter is terrified of the thought of people doing that, just like Nick Pope, Col. Halt and all the trolls.”

“Precognitive review?” Nice one. No. Just some thoughts on a film project being built around a bogus claim by a single individual. I can assure anyone concerned that I am not terrified, obviously or otherwise, of viewers coming to their own best decisions if they choose to see the completed production. Nor do I expect that the well-known writer Nick Pope or former RAF Bentwaters Deputy Base Commander Charles Halt are terrified of this either. Nor “the Trolls” for that matter. It should be noted that Team Warren’s definition of the word ‘troll’ is anyone who has ever disagreed with, questioned or contradicted, or worse, had had the nerve to call into question any of Warren’s claims or allegations, or worse, embarrass him with actual evidence of his lies, errors or exaggerations.

Here’s what it comes down to. The only reason that the name Capel Green, a farmer’s field in Suffolk East Anglia, ever came to public attention was because two men, myself and Larry Warren, insisted for years – in person, in print, in television and radio interviews, during conference presentations and informal talks, that the field had been the site of the single most dramatic event of the three-night-long incident – the appearance, as if out of ‘bubbles,’ of three nonhuman beings next to a craft of undetermined origin which Warren claims to have observed along with “forty-odd men” (page 45, Left At East Gate), yet thirty-eight years after the fact, not a single one of these other ‘witnesses’ has come forward to verify his account. More, Warren associate Gary Haseltime now maintains there were actually four nights of UFO related events, a ‘fact’ new to me and anyone else who has ever been involved in this investigation. You can hear him say so for yourself in this interview recorded earlier this year in Brazil:…

Then there is that one mercurial witness, Adrian Bustinza, whom Warren freely acknowledges getting part of his story from (page 74, LAEG), but who has remained selective in what he has been willing to confirm. Again not a single one of the other forty-odd men that Warren claims were present in that field with him surrounding that craft has verified his account. What does this tell you? And we’re to be presented with a film named after this field starring this man? This project inspires zero confidence in me, no matter how many respected ufological personalities, authorities, witnesses to related and unrelated events have been enticed into appearing on film with him. My only advice to anyone so involved would be to request that your signed release be voided and to sever all connections with this dubious project. My opinion only.

And what a fortuitous time to be involved in such a film project! Sony Pictures Television has announced that they are coming out with a UFO anthology drama entitied “Rendlesham,” with the outstanding American actor Laurence Fishburne as star and executive producer. Riding the coattails of such a perfectly-timed program with the name ‘Rendlesham’ in it is sure to bring in the cash for Larry and Gary if they don’t blow it.

The online trailer I watched for “Capel Green” (there are several to choose from) reveals that (spoiler alert) Warren passes a polygraph test. One thing I’m confident of regarding my former friend, if that if anyone could beat a polygraph its him. The man lies as effortlessly and convincingly as most people breathe – in print, on screen or on stage, on the phone or in person looking you right in the eyes. A good friend of mine attended September’s UFO TRUTH Conference where an extended trailer was screened. He related to me a sequence where our protagonist is standing out in the field telling his story when his eyes tear up. Perhaps the pressure of knowing this is his final shot at finally seeing a payday is better served by the shedding of a few tears than more hyperbole. Perhaps he’s been telling himself this story for so long that he’s come to believe it. 
Forgive me if I appear insensitive. I honestly don’t mean to be. No one has spent more time on more occasions in Capel Green with Larry Warren than I have. This including our initial visit to the area together in February 1988 which he maintains was his first return to the field since the night of the incident. On that occasion he stood at the spot where it all happened ‘reliving’ his memories, dry-eyed and without the slightest quiver in his voice. The same was true for all our subsequent visits to the site, including our last there together to film a program for Canadian television. I don’t believe Larry Warren’s account any further than I can throw him.

Need to confirm some of this for yourself? No problem. Listen to him in this radio interview to learn that “The first biggest thing I ever did was I was a PA (production assistant) for The Beach Boys in the Seventies..” Warren was born in 1961, so even if this was the late Seventies, he was a teenager working for them in California at the same time he was still living at home with his parents in New York State’s Hudson Valley. “I met John Lennon more {sic} three times in my life..” Funny that he never mentioned that to me for the first twenty-seven years or so that I knew him – and this from the most John Lennon obsessed person I’ve ever known. And when he did tell me, he had only met him once. Until sometime later when that number magically advanced one notch. But three times? Sure. Why not? 
In a related matter, why did Emlyn-Jones choose to delete his HPANWO show 138? Larry, homeless at the time of that interview, was extremely fortunate to have friends like Sacha Christie, her partner Dave Kelly and two of her children, all kind enough to take him in for a prolonged period. In that broadcast Warren only had nice things to say about Christie. Also, that he had never met John Lennon, much as he would have liked to. “I worked with Stevie Ray Vaughn for ten years.” No he didn’t, but he certainly forged Stevie’s signature enough times on objects purporting to have belonged to the blues legend. And he not only spelled ‘Ray Vaughn’ incorrectly on selected items, but also on at least one piece of faked provenance from the early Nineties that I have personally seen for myself. More, it is in his (Warren’s) own distinctive handwriting! But he deserves to be cut some slack on that one. He was still developing his skills as a forger at the time.

Larry Warren’s ugliest and most outrageous lie is in a class by itself. Though. Despite the fact that he was living and working in Liverpool England during and following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center the city he has called home since 2000 – and attending a UFO conference in the City of Leeds during the same time frame, according to him, he was also somehow living in the Bronx at the same time, having been flown to New York City especially to assist in the clean up at Ground Zero in the months afterward. Sacha: “..yet he gets no mention on any of the registers, not one photo in the memorial photo albums or any other images anywhere and he is probably the only person not to have suffered with any of the diseases associated with the clean-up.” And all that time he didn’t even think to let his good friend and coauthor Peter, a longtime resident of Manhattan and there during the attacks, that he was in town. Here is a video of Warren talking about his ‘time at ground zero.’ That’s not just a lie. It’s a damned lie.
If it’s starting to seem like I’m beating a dead horse here, I guess it’s because I am. But only because I hope to never again return to this subject in my life as a writer, and that you need to know, definitively, that this is not some ‘difference of opinion’ between two former friends and coauthors. And we haven’t even touched on his lies, exaggerations and inaccuracies as they appear in Left At East Gate in this tirade.

I ended my June 2017 statement asking to be left alone when it came to Left At East Gate and Larry Warren. And that request was indeed honored by all concerned, for some months anyway. But there were those, primarily radio show hosts and producers who respectfully asked me not to turn my back on legitimate question that had gone unanswered in my June 2017 post, especially regarding listeners who had read Left At East Gate and whose respect and admiration I had since lost. Nor was the point lost on me that my continued silence might be interpreted as evasion, which was something I was not willing to allow.

Emlyn-Jones tells us it takes about two days for someone to bring Jay Deavin’s twisted bit of rhetoric to his attention. He then replaces the offending statement with a text box reading “”Somebody called “Jay Deavin” has posted comments of antiSemitic {sic} abuse towards Peter Robbins under my article ‘Peter Robbins on the Fenton Files.’ I have removed the comments and blocked the account. Apologies to anybody who saw those comments.”” Apologies to anybody who saw those comments?” How about an apology to me I wondered. I later learn that he did post an extremely brief one, though on a page I was unable to access. This pair of dubious exchanges then appear :

Phil Hainsworth: “Hi Ben. Didn’t see the comments pal but appreciate your deleting them and removing the person who posted them.
Emlyn-Jones: I did it as soon as I saw them Phil Hainsworth. I don’t care what the trolls are saying about me right now. But I can guess how they are twisting it as much as they can to denounce me.
P. H.: Ben Emlyn-Jones they can say what they like,I {sic} no {sic} you are a sound bloke and do what you think is right pal. Those of us that no {sic} you properly will always have your back.
E.-J: Phil Hainsworth Thanks {sic}, mate. That means a lot 😊 
P. H.: Ben Emlyn-Jones I only tell the truth my mate
Sue McAllister jumps in again to add this comment: You don’t have to apologize Ben you didnt {sic} write it another {sic} excuse for the Trolls to have a go again! Yawn”

Then this:

Jennifer Ann: Oh no
Ben Emlyn-Jones: Jennifer Ann it was the trolls again.
J. A.: Ben Emlyn-Jones I’m so sorry
B. E-J.: Jennifer Ann (heart) 
J. A.: Ben Emlyn-Jones I miss you
B. E-J.: Jennifer Ann you too. Thanks for your support
J. A.: Ben Emlyn-Jones xo

Call me suspicious, but something about this outpouring of support does not ring true.

On Tuesday 23 October Emlyn-Jones opines, “What REALLY Happened: This Thursday evening on the HPAWNO Show: Some of the trolls are claiming that I have attacked Peter Robbins online. The attack involved racism. This is false. It is an extremely serious allegation and so I need to set the record straight and therefore stop these slurs against my character. See here for background: (link no longer active).” Wow. I guess I owed Ben an apology. It was now clear that the attack on me had been cleverly staged by ‘the Trolls’ in order to embarrass him. The rest of this outrageous self-serving monologue can be accessed in one of Ben’s blogs, but is well summed up by the person who has been more outspoken and more dedicated to exposing the antics of Emlyn-Jones’, Warren, and their associates than any other individual throughout this ugly episode in ufology, my friend and colleague Sacha Christie of Liverpool:

“Nobody said Ben attacked Peter AT ALL, NOT EVER but Ben has turned this into something about HIM again because it is the ONLY way he can justify his continued interference in MY LIFE and the life of Peter Robbins. We discussed the situation, as is our right, but Ben only wants free speech for himself and he wants us to stop talking about him talking about us. Well we won’t and we are not going away and seeing as he likes to make everything about him, lets do that. Warren was my friend and was living in my house. Peter Robbins was Warren’s friend and Co-Author and NONE of it is anything to do with Ben Emlyn Jones, yet he insists that WE are trolling HIM when HE is the one interfering in the lives of Peter and myself. Can I say this enough? NO I CAN’T. So I will say it again.”

And she does, and in no uncertain terms. Please make no mistake. Ms. Christie has very much earned the right to come down on Ben and Larry like ten tons of bricks. Study the history of their incredibly vicious and at times outrageous verbal attacks on her and you will come to the same conclusion.

One of the specifics which Sacha then zeros in on in Ben’s woeful tale of victimization was sparked by his seeming fixation on having been accused of racism. No one as in no one accuses him of racism at any time. The word itself is never mentioned in any context in the attack on me or anywhere else, but in Ben’s mind, Jay Deavin’s attack seems to have somehow been hardwired into the word. This may seem a minor point to some, but not to others of us. Jewish people, whatever else their backgrounds or origins, never refer to themselves as ‘a race,’ period. The reason being that anyone who wishes, is welcome to become to become a Jew. Converts to Judaism are considered every bit as Jewish as any established member of the religion, whatever their previous faith or lack of same. Whatever their nationality or country of origin, and whatever the color of their skin. The only people I’ve ever know of who refer to the Jewish people as a ‘race’ are the people who attempted to do away with that ‘race’ during the Second World War, or as Sacha so succinctly notes, “NOBODY accused him of racism, the attack wasn’t even racist and I feel like I have to point out that the only people who think of Jews as a race existed in 1940’s Germany and since that time, pockets of meat-heads around the globe.”
Some informed digging then led me to an introduction to a specialty researcher in the UK named Bob, who in turn directed me to a series of links that went to the core of the matter. I can’t see into Emlyn-Jones mind, so who am I don’t know if he hates Jewish people or not. But if he doesn’t, then he is something closely related to an anti-Semite, that being a Holocaust denier. And not one of your garden variety Holocaust deniers either, Ben is a player in the movement:

My new colleague Bob stated flatly that “Emlyn-Jones is friends with and shares platforms with Nick Kollerstrom.” These two antisemites are so disgusting their rants are held behined {sic) closed doors where the ticket holders only find out the venue a few hours before as once the word is out their shows get cancelled by the venue management. Ben Emlyn Jones recently organized a talk where he would share the stage with fellow Holocaust denier Kollerstom. The outrage was so great that the venue cancelled the talk and it went ahead at a secret venue only disclosed a few hours before the start to those idiots who bought tickets.”

Nick Kollerstrom, I quickly learned, is a respected figure in the UK/European Holocaust denier movement, and Ben Emlyn-Jones is close comrade-in-arms. Bob suggested I “Do a search on his forum and see how any Jew or anyone suspected of being a Jew is subjected to Antisemitic abuse and then banned.” Here’s a sample of Ben Emlyn-Jones’ obscene musings, this under his ‘forum name,’ “Haggard Celine: “The gas chamber at Auschwitz is indeed a fake. Its supposedly cosmetic shower heads have real plumbing behind them and the doors and windows are just normal ones, not airtight as they’d have to be. There’s no chemical traces of Zyklon B in the room. There are gas chambers at my hospital for preserving pathology specimens and they are sealled {sic} with metal and rubber doors. I don’t deny that the Nazis killed all those poor people in the photo but they didn’t kill them by gassing them. The easiest way to kill undesirables in Nazi Germany was surely to just tie them up and leave them out in the street during an air raid. You see I doubt that gas was regularly used as the means of murder in the Holocaust, at least not on the scale that official history tells us it was. It’s far more likely that other methods were used. The most convincing speculation is that the Nazis mostly locked the victims in their cells and let them starve to death. The official stories of people lined up and fed into gas chambers are mostly false.”
Dispassionately reflective observations, or fucking outrageous mega-lies? Are you kidding me? But hey, take my opinion with a grain of salt. How objective can I be knowing something of the fate of members of my mother’s family at the hands of the Nazis? Bob also directed me to this link on the HPANWFO Forum,, but by the time I did, it has been ‘rehabilitated.’ Fortunately, if that’s the word for it, a quick internet search brought up other links featuring this duo which you’re welcome to explore for yourself, if you can stomach them. All hail historical revisionism.…/nick-kollerstrom-and-ben……/nick-kollerstrom-and-ben……/ben-emlyn-jones-and-nick-ko…

“Some of the trolls are claiming that I have attacked Peter Robbins online. The attack involved racism. This is false. It is an extremely serious allegation and so I need to set the record straight and therefore stop these slurs against my character.” As far as I was concerned, the record had now been set straight on Mr. Holacaust denier. But what of the connection between him and this Jay Deavin person? I returned to Deavin’s Facebook page to see if I’d missed anything among the few accessible particulars that might help me understand why he’d targeted me for his little hate-fest. But this time I was greeting with “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now. The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.” Deavin had flown the coup leaving no forwarding address. There were other Jay Deavin’s out there of course, but none of them my Jay Deavin (Strike that. Sounds too gay) and I have to admit, I was disappointed. I had never had my own personal Jew-hater before, that I knew of anyway, and he never even gave me a chance to say a goodbye.

Seriously though. Was Deavin a fan/follower of Rendlesham and the Larry Warren brigade? Had he simply stumbled onto Emlyn-Jones page to find the remarks about me, then spontaneously decided to just let me have it? Was he a visitor there because he was also a Holocaust denier? It did tend to go hand-in-hand with being an anti-Semite. How did he even know I was ‘a JEW’ in the first place? Ben had never mentioned it. Neither the comments he’d taken offense to nor anything in his criticism made reference to my being Jewish. It’s not something I advertise, nor do I think I look particularly ‘Jewish.’ My name, Peter Philip Robbins, is at least as English-sounding as Jay Deavin’s, so what possibility was I missing? Was it out of the question to consider that someone might have put someone else up to this? Someone who shared their hatred of Jews and might welcome the change to take down one who was proving to be a continuing irritant to a like-minded friend, acquaintance or pal? This was what finally led me to think back to a memory of any instance where someone, anyone, had ever demeaned me with a specific combination of anti-Semitic and homophobic verbiage. The answer came back yes, one time and one time only, and an old email established that I’d learned of it on August 11, 2015, from none other than Sacha Christie.

By that time my former coauthor had (well) worn out his welcome at Chez Christie and told me the real reason that Sacha and Dave had kicked him out. It was because she had had a thing for him going back ten years or so to when they first met and wanted to sleep with him. Being a principled sort of a person though, he had refused to acquiesce for the old-fashioned reason that she was in an ongoing relationship with Dave, who was living in the same house as them for goodness sake, though not quite in those words. I, still the loyal supporter and friend, did not so much buy into that aspect of his story, but was aware that Sacha had been treated for bi-polar disorder, or some such mental aberration and even written about this in an online blog. I am embarrassed to say that because of that, I chose to dismiss something important that she had told me in that email. Her writing to me that day was primarily to thank me for sending her son an envelope stuffed with assorted postage stamps. In an earlier exchange she had told me that her son had begun collecting them. I’d let her know that I had the same hobby at his age and had a remaining packet of them stuck away that I’d found and sent to him. It was then that she told me Larry had cursed me out using a combination of words including “fucking tight cunt jew, fag boy, fucking gay cunt jew, and various rearrangements of the same words and sentiments.” She then wished me luck and said that Warren didn’t deserve to have a friend like me.

How did I manage to reject the possibility that Larry Warren had said something so ugly about me? I couldn’t completely. But I could imagine that in an especially inebriated state – something he was a real possibility with him, if he’d been angry with me for some reason, he might just have had the kind of alcohol-fueled meltdown actor/ producer Mel Gibson famously had years back, and during which he went all anti-Semite on a cop who had pulled him over for a driving offense. Gibson had later publicly apologized in what seemed like a sincere mia culpa to me and we never heard about any related slip up on his part again. This was what I had hoped had happened with Larry. He’d certainly never said anything anti-Semitic or homophobic to me to my face. Anything but. In fact he often – often enough anyway, talked about how he identified with Jewish people, partly from our both being born in New York City, the largest Jewish population city in the world, and partly how they Jews survivors and cultured and like thoughts. It was something he held dear like the pride he took in his mother having actively been involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

This was one of the main reasons that when I was in my final, months-long struggle with him over the deepening divisions between us, I tried to base my arguments in my understanding of the thoughtful and reflective traditions embodied in the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashsanah, the Jewish new year. You can read what I wrote to him toward the beginning of my long statement of June 2017 posted at None of what I wrote made the least bit of difference though I’m sorry to say. But the ugly words Sacha Christie had shared with me in her 2015 email were now weighing on me. If she had been telling the truth, it was the only other time in my life that someone had directed Jew hating and gay hating remarks at me and I had to know if Larry had really done this. If he had, perhaps the connection to Jay Deavlin was Larry Warren, and that was an awful thought. So what did I do? I emailed Sacha and asked her if she know of any other people I might know who Warren might possibly have spoken to using such words as “fucking tight cunt jew, fag boy, fucking gay cunt jew” to describe me in the past years. She responded shortly after to let me know that yes, at least eight people I knew other than herself who fit that profile. I can only report that I made it my business to follow up on these leads and now know that she was right, and that’s about the lousiest investigative results I’ve been forced to acknowledge in my decades long involvement in UFO studies. Here’s a sampling:

“Dear Peter,

I have been trying to remember where and when I heard Larry say those particular vile things about you and I couldn’t be sure. I had been in Larry’s company before when he had disparaged your name but then he had disparaged Gary Heseltine, Tino Megaro and Ben Emylyn Jones amongst others at times. I thought perhaps it was just a bad side to his character. Oddly he seemed to disparage those also who were closest to him and had helped him, it left me wondering what he was saying about me behind my back.

You mentioned Peter Broughan had heard his vile comments also so this makes me feel it occurred on the occasion when I met up with Peter and Larry at their Woodbridge hotel. Larry’s comments on that occasion were particularly vile, disgusting and racist towards you. That was when the penny dropped and I realised for the first time he was not the person I thought he was. Peter Broughan (Rob Roy Films) was in the early stages of a film project based on LAEG .Larry and Peter were in Woodbridge on a recce* for that film project and was keen for me to meet Peter. 
Over the previous couple of years I had loaned Larry several hundred pounds to save him from being evicted by his landlord. I had loaned Larry money on three occasions to pay his rent, the first two occasions I received payments in dribs and drabs over a long period of time, at the meet in Woodbridge Larry had promised he would make a payment off what he owed me so you could say I had an added incentive to go. I knew all hope of that went out of the window when I learnt he had borrowed money that day off Peter Broughan.

At that time it didn’t concern me too much as on previous occasions he did pay up eventually and after all this was a friend facing a tough time. On the last occasion I loaned him money I had borrowed it off my credit card. A whole year had passed and Larry had made no attempt to pay back a dime. As the interest on my card was accruing {sic} I started making payments to stop it escalating. Then came a tip off from a mutual friend that Larry had sold some rock memorabilia and had wads of cash.
I contacted Larry asking him to pay up. The money was paid direct to my bank a few days later. I was left with the bill for the compound interest which by then was almost as much as the original loan!

Hint, don’t lend Larry Warren money!

From that moment on Larry turned vile towards me. He bombarded me with threatening phone texts and messages to my family computer, all of which are in a file at my solicitors. He claimed on radio shows I was someone he only knew from the internet and I know he told you Peter I was out to cause trouble. On the contrary when we had Adrian Bustinza on Phenomenon Radio it was me who persuaded John Burroughs to allow Larry to participate in that show in the interest of fairness but he seemed paranoid that I was out to cause trouble. I found his behavior bizarre. I had always been a supporter of both you and Larry and like many of us LAEG was our bible.
Larry is a very good talker and a very convincing liar.
From that moment on I re read Left At East Gate as like many I had trusted and believed his every word. I went on to read every bit of literature on the Rendlesham Forest Incident I could lay my hands on.

During the course of my investigations I have forged friendships with many of the key investigators and witnesses to the RFI incidents, some have gone on the record some prefer not to be named .If I released all the information I have been told regarding Larry Warren it would of buried his yarn long ago but I do know the meaning of “ in the strictest confidence “ and “off the record”

The further I researched the more I realised I had been duped. Larry Warren is a fraud and a liar and I now know he can’t be trusted and you can’t believe a single word he says.”
Ronnie Dugdale

*Recce is a production term used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa which refers to a pre-filming visit to a location to determine its suitability for shooting, including access to necessary facilities and assessment of any potential lighting or sound issues, and is closely related to location scouting.

Wikipedia: “I do recall him refering {sic} to you as a ‘tight jew’ {sic} and ‘gay’. He probably used the f word but as it was a few years ago I really cannot be sure, but make no mistake about it he talked to me in those disgusting tones, both face to face and on the phone, in fact during phone calls he definatley {sic} was more agressive {sic} in his language towards you. Definatly {sic} using fucking and jew {sic} to describe you.”
Name withheld on request

Did Larry Warren put someone named Jay Deavin up to the mean little stunt of attacking me online? They’re the only two people in my entire life who ever used such a uniquely ugly combination of words to describe me, and deductive reasoning makes me feel that this may have been the case. There is no way I can prove it thought so it will remain an open question. What is not in question though is that my former friend, coauthor, brother for all intents and purposes should be ashamed of himself for having ever referred to me in such terms, on his own or through a confederate. Not that it, or he really matters to me anymore.

So where does this leave us with regard to UFO studies? On the dark side of the moon pretty much. What a sad waste of my time this has been in one respect, but should we who make up this often-ridiculed area of study ignore attacks of hate speech when they make themselves known in our community? We are living in a golden age of misunderstanding where attacks on ‘the other’ are everyday occurrences both here and abroad, and on the increase. The New York Daily News reported last week that while Jewish people make up about 2% of the American population, they are currently the targets of a full 50% of the hate crimes reported across the nation. Yea! We’re number one!

Going back to my beginnings in ufology, I felt and continue to believe that one of the most exciting possibilities inherent in this work is that it has the potential to bring people together in a way that little else can. If and when disclosure comes, when the overwhelming number of our fellow planet dwellers finally come to realize that other intelligences from parts unknown and known have been coming and going from here via advanced technology for millennia and that we are truly not alone in the universe, won’t we then come to realize how much more we have in common with our fellow human beings than all of the things that separate us from each other? I like to think that that will be the case at least. President Reagan said as much in his now famous speech to the members of the United Nations General Assembly thirty-odd-years ago, and the sentiment has never been truer or more needed than it is today. As for me, I’m not sure where I go from here. I know I will not be wasting any more of my time on the individuals singled out herein, nor am I necessarily going to continue on in this field. To parrot the tired and overused statement of President Trump’s, “We’ll see what happens.” I do know that none of my colleagues or friends in this fascinating fraternity of thinkers, writers, doers and experiencers should ever be subjected to the kind of hateful speech that I was, nor should we tolerate such behavior from anyone with even the remotest relationship to ufology. We’re better than that, and may the best of us continue to come together to address, collectively and individually, this frontier outpost on the edge of the unknown, and perhaps the unknowable.

Peter Robbins
Ithaca, New York
November 9, 2018

Divine Love

I hear a lot of negative comments about religion, but at the heart of it all is the same thing. It’s what Jesus was all about: love.   Religion is not the problem. People are the problem. We forget that ultimately, regardless of our differences, we can love each other.  “Church” is anywhere your heart is and the Divine presence can be felt anywhere and everywhere, if you allow yourself to feel it

The Bible is a book with a mixture of mythology, allegorical stories, and a little bit of history thrown in. Christianity is based on many ancient religions (it’s never been denied), but it is timeless and beautiful, if you know what you’re looking at and understand what is being said. Having read about world religions and practised various traditions over the years, I personally have never felt so spiritually uplifted as I do right now, but it’s okay if it’s not right for others. Spirituality, I think, is something you find on your own when/if you are ready.

All I would say, is that I deliberately shut myself off from Christianity for years, seeing all the negatives, thinking it was something it was not. A few years ago, I decided, as an experiment, to throw myself into it to try to understand what people got from it. I decided consciously not to focus on all the negatives and preconceived notions I had. The rest is, as they say, history.   There was a point where the jigsaw puzzle all fitted into place. I’ll never forget that feeling of love radiating out from my heart, connecting me to the Christ energy, when finally I understood.


Gnostic Thought for the Day

(From The Gospel According to Thomas)

Then some of those disciples said to Yeshua:
“Tell us who you really are, so that we may believe in you.”
He replied: “You are testing the FACE of Heaven and Earth.
You are studying The All [the manifest universe]
without recognizing the Divine One that inhabits everything and everyone. You do not see God, literally everywhere. But you do not even know how to truly live in just this moment, without an agenda.
“When you finally see ‘The I’ within yourself, you will emotionally melt in joy and you will know that the I AM and the ‘I’—Its manifest expression— are One. If you have seen ‘the I’ within, you have seen your I AM Self. 91.
When you perceive one not born of woman
[seeing the Christ Expression perform its work within you]
then lay Down your ego personality and its mental habit patterns,
with which you have identified and protected all these years,
and just let them go. STOP leaning on your old habits.
Live spontaneously now, in the moment, without an agenda, and you will be led by the Divine One, and you will live in the frequency of Bliss.
Humbly honor only that birth-less and death-less Divine Life Force in you. Worship That One … with time spent together … within.
Make the purification and vibrational increase of your Temple [body]
the first priority; for that is the first glimmering of re-union
with the great I AM of you, in you, as you. 15.
from the Lachlen Paul French translation of The Gospel According to Thomas

My Calling

I was brought up a Protestant, but there was very little I could grasp and understand about Christianity within Protestantism, much as I tried. I did occasionally go along to church with my mother, but it was because I loved singing. That was the main thing I connected with.

However, I knew I was religious – or wanted to be.  I had my first religious experience when I was 17, driving through the Highlands.  The sun rays were coming through the clouds and lighting up the mountains in a most peculiar and magical way.  I asked the driver to stop the car and got out to gaze at the scene, awestruck and filled with a sense of spiritual wonder.  I said to my companions, “If God exists, then that – for me – is God.”

I looked at various different faiths like Buddhism and Spiritualism.  Eventually I found paganism and that offered something I could grasp, seeing the actual material world spiritually. I knew it wouldn’t stop there, but it gave me a start, a very good foundation, and that spirituality eventually extended to the idea of the cosmic soul, the Divine energy that is in and around everything.  I still felt there was much to be discovered, though.

Even as a pagan, I would say Catholic prayers and novenas after having experiences with angelic beings and connecting with Our Lady.  I speak with the angels and they always seemed to respond in a very profound way. They answer my prayers and they never let me down.

All through this part of my journey, I still knew that at some point I would discover Jesus. I felt he was there, and I felt that we had an understanding, but I knew I didn’t really comprehend him yet. However, I had faith that I would someday.

A few years ago, I decided to throw myself into really trying to grasp Christianity, so I attended the midnight mass at St Aloysius on Christmas Eve and watched online masses to see what people got out of being a Roman Catholic.   I eventually realised, to put it in terms that I understood as a hypnotherapist, that the priest was providing something akin to a counselling service. The mass was therapeutic, giving people advice in whatever situation they may find themselves in which might cause them anxiety, or pain, or anguish. It also provided community, something which I have found to be missing in my life, and something I know many people feel is missing in theirs. One time in Greece, my mother and I sat on the balcony of our hotel listening to the priests singing in the Orthodox church below at dusk. Afterwards, family and friends all traipsed out, talking and laughing.  It was a real sense of community, which I felt was missing in my own life and generally in the world.

As I began to understand Christianity through the eyes of Roman Catholicism and, it has to be said, through the eyes of a pagan and Gnostic, I still knew that I could never become a Roman Catholic because I disagreed with their philosophies and rules on homosexuality, divorce, celibacy in the priesthood, contraception, and women priests. Also, very importantly, I still hadn’t figured out Jesus yet, which greatly bothered me.

I had begun to get ‘signs’ like seeing crosses, and I had two different psychics walk up to me and tell me there was a cross on my forehead. Neither of them knew me, nor did they know that just months before my father had died, he did the exact same thing!

As my knowledge grew, through my love of symbolism and allegory, I began to understand the meaning behind many of the mysteries. I really started to enjoy seeing what it all meant and how it could all be applied. I actually got to the point of considering starting a new religion that would be very similar to Roman Catholicism, but without all the rules that don’t gel with our modern world. I envisaged this religion would also teach the mysteries of the symbolism within Catholicism. It would enhance their meaning to the worshipper, giving them a spiritual understanding they could apply to their own lives, ultimately bringing them closer to God.
One night, in the same way I would normally speak with angels, I decided it was time to speak directly to Jesus, and I asked him to reveal himself and let me understand him in a way that was right for me.  It felt like it was time to do that.  I had been guided towards Christianity and even to the priesthood, but if that was to happen I would have to be able to perceive him in a way that would suit me and everything I had learned up until now.

The very next day, I heard Bishop David Parry speaking on a radio show about Gnosticism and emailed him straight away to get him on my show to discuss it. It was exactly the road into Christianity that I needed. To be able to add mystical understanding to Christian myth, but that it did not necessarily negate Christian history or Christ, that’s what I was looking for.  Then we spoke about the Old Catholic Church and those two things i.e. ancient Catholicism and Gnosticism, answered my prayers.

All this has been a calling, because I know that there is something missing in our society and I believe that many people are looking for a bridge between the usual Christianity, perhaps especially Roman Catholicism, and the modern world.  In my opinion, Gnosticism and Liberal Catholicism are more modern in thought and provide something that many people need in this day and age.

Gnostic Christianity, in my opinion, bridges the gap between the modern neo-pagan movement and Christianity. I know pagans and Roman Catholics who find they can relate to these two paths and are very interested in finding out more.  This suggests to me that there is likely to be more people out there who want the same.

I have received so much angelic guidance over the years that has brought me to this point.  Now I am looking forward to the next part of the journey and being ordained as a priestess with the Valentinian Gnostic Church, which is now established in the UK. I was made a deaconess with them on 3rd November 2018.

From here, I want to be trained as an exorcist, but that’s another blog.

Your friend, Rev. A.D.

Analysis of Larry Warren’s Handwriting


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The story of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is known around the world.  However, what is less certain is exactly what happened, and exactly who was there.

For years, Larry Warren has claimed to be the whistleblower which, in fact, is inaccurate. Furthermore, the research gathered by Sacha Christie shows that he is, at best, an unreliable witness. His account of the event has changed more than once over the years. At worst, he appears to have faked photographs and sold false memorabilia of the rich and famous dead.  On top of his reputation for aggressive and threatening behaviour, it’s hardly surprising that a great deal of suspicion surrounds this character.

All Sacha Christie’s evidence can be viewed here: Sacha Christie’s Infomaniac Blog 

Part of the on-going investigation has highlighted that Warren’s handwriting appears to resemble certain other military signatures.  If these are proved to be forgeries, there really is no evidence that Warren was there at all during the 3rd night of UFO activity.  This is something Col Charles Halt and many others have always maintained, saying that Warren used other people’s stories as his own.  There is even less evidence that he ever saw alien beings in the forest that night.

As well as faked photographs, potentially faked signatures, and selling fake memorabilia, this would mean that the book he wrote with co-author, Peter Robbins, is also perhaps based on the fantasies of Warren.  Recently Peter Robbins cut ties with Warren.

Obviously there have been some rumblings from Warren’s indignant supporters and die-hard fans, although, as the evidence piles up, there definitely appears to be fewer of them.  As someone who is now no longer a supporter of Larry Warren, but taking part in an investigation, I am aware that many people have started to see the cracks in his story.  Those people want answers and resolution.  They want a proper investigation.

Myself and my colleagues have decided to set up a GoFundMe page through SPI Scotland in order to raise the amount necessary to have Larry Warren’s handwriting professionally analysed.   It’s the only solution that will ever make both sides happy, barring a full lie-detector test.   Handwriting analysis is more accurate, though.

It seems both sides think their evidence is correct, and unfortunately ill-feeling will forever be present on this subject until it is resolved with some hard and irrefutable evidence.

Larry Warren’s credibility has been in question for many years.  This will resolve the issue once and for all.   Then we can all move on.  None of us like this.   We are questioning it because we believe we have evidence which shows that Larry Warren has lied to all of us.  If our efforts so far are not enough evidence, there is no choice but to have an independent professional give us the answer.

Thank you for considering donating money to this cause.  Properly verified evidence is something that everyone within the UFO community should be striving for.

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Response to Ben Emlyn-Jones

On 22nd December 2016, the UFO community in the UK began to unite and move forward. Finally. Those who have been the victims of Larry Warren’s ravings and threats, those who have been lied about (myself included), and turned against one another by him, have made amends.  It had been a truly beautiful day.  We agreed to all go into 2017 together, the slate clean.

However, on the very same day I was so disappointed that Ben Emlyn-Jones chose to support the very person who had ripped us all apart in the first place.  I can barely believe Ben would do this, on that day of all days.  A day that progress was made. Shame on you, Ben.

How could you, after that farce of a radio show you did with him, “Larry Warren Speaks”?  “Responds to serious allegations,” it says on your web page.  Did he? Did he heck. I sat and listened to him do the exact same all over again, off on his own agenda, pretending to not even remember the name of the group organising the conference he had been banned from twice.   It was pathetic. People in the chat room got no chance to voice their opinions, but were hounded down by Larry’s henchmen as soon as they protested.  Not everyone who disagrees with LW and his behaviour is a troll.  In fact, you say in your blog that he is “flawed”, “his own worst enemy”, “a difficult man to get along with”, and “volatile”.  He claims to have PTSD.  No person I have encountered with PTSD has behaved so badly.  PTSD, if he has it, is not an excuse for his behaviour for the last 30+ years.  You talk about people having damaged goods on their shelf.  I can give you a pile of them, and they are not pretty.   Those who have been through far worse do not behave in such a destructive manner as LW.  It is not PTSD, or at the very least it is not only PTSD that is responsible.  Those with the condition would never dream of willingly causing pain and heartache to others. He has caused a lot of emotional damage, and has never stepped forward to apologise for it.  He has only emerged with a mouthful of erratic and foul language to further accuse people who have done nothing wrong, except stand up to his threats and unacceptable behaviour.  Yet, you stand by and condone it.  On your show, Ben, his threats were brushed under the carpet, like they were nothing.  Do you know what he said to me on the day I told him our event had been cancelled by the GUU?  “This is the best publicity you’ll ever get.”  He could not have cared less.

You use the phrase “Truth Mob” like it’s a vile thing to be avoided at all costs.  You would prefer to live in your bubble of conspiracy theories than ever get to the truth out in the real world.  You’re trapped in Larry Land, Ben.

You claim a fanatical campaign has been organised and launched against Warren. Are people not allowed to respond to threats of being told they will have their windpipe punched through their spine, as he did with Sacha Christie?  Are they supposed to sit quietly when they are called a bitch who needs to be “run out”, as he did with me?  His repugnant language is thrown about at everyone, whether friend or foe.  Yet, you cannot see it.  Not even after Peter Robbins issued a clear statement saying he was cutting ties with Larry.  Why would he do that?  Do you think after such a long friendship Peter would walk away for no good reason?  Just for the sake of it?

You say you have been presented with no evidence?  Are you serious, Ben?  Are you unable to comprehend what is written on Sacha Christie’s blog?  It’s not fanatical.  It’s dedicated to something you do not seem to be remotely interested in: the truth.

I was under the impression, at one point, that beneath Larry’s volatile exterior there was a heart of gold. I was so wrong.  I’m not even sure there’s a heart there.  If there is, it’s made of stone.

I can tell you right now, I for one am not going to be sitting quietly and just taking the insults, and you can bet that Sacha Christie never has and never will either.  You, and the ever-depleting allies of Warren will just have to suck it up.

The truth has come out and we are taking no more bullshit from anyone.