The Tommyknocker Knicker Nicker


A poem about pesky pixies who pinch and pilfer.  Watch out!  They wander about, especially at this time of year!

A Tommyknocker knicker nicker came knocking on my door.

It swore it just sold nick-nacks, and wanted nothing more

You’d never have suspected it, standing there so finely suited

What I didn’t realise was…the nick-nacks were all looted!

That little pesky fairy, bag of wares upon his knee

I looked into its treasure trove and what a sight to see!

Knobs and knitting needles, knives, a necklace to adore,

Nine notepads, nine nametags, nine pens and even more!

He stood there in his amazing pair of shiny winklepickers,

But little did I know that all he wanted was my knickers!

I let him in, he gave a grin, then yawned so tired and weary,

He said “Ye couldnae gie me a wee cuppa could ye, deary?”

I turned my back to make a snack, some tiffin and some tea.

But whilst my back was turned, what I didnae see!

Was him nicking all my knickers from every nook and cranny,

But just in time I caught him and cried “Ya wee thievin’ manky fanny!”

I caught him by the scruff and with a swift kick up his bum,

He flew somewhere over the rainbow, I hope to kingdom come!

Copyright Alyson Dunlop

Inspired by this naughty knicker-nicking poltergeist!  Click here to read all about it.