The Doctors

  • 12th Doctor: Peter Capaldi
  • 11th Doctor: Matt Smith
  • 10th Doctor: David Tennant
  •   9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
  •   8th Doctor: Paul McGann
  •   7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
  •   6th Doctor: Colin Baker
  •   5th Doctor: Peter Davidson
  •   4th Doctor: Tom Baker
  •   3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee
  •   2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton
  •   1st Doctor: William Hartnell

3 thoughts on “The Doctors”

  1. Alyson, you might be interested in this interview with the 3rd Doctor which I recorded in the 1970s. Great to read your posts and I am actually living in Glasgow now !

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