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Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I’m very pleased to announced the publication of my new book: “Nods to the Old Gods: The Pagan and Magical References of the Scottish Romantics”.

This enchanting collection includes poetry by eight Scottish romantic poets:

Robert Burns
Anne Bannerman
Dorothea Primrose Campbell
Joanna Baillie
Anne McVicar Grant
Janet Little
Sir Walter Scott
George MacDonald

These poets included in their writing poems about ancient gods and other ethereal beings such as ghosts, witches, sprites, mermaids and fairies. Many readers might pass these references without realising the deeper meaning behind their literary use. These poetic tales prove that the Romantics had a respectful knowledge of myth, magic and ancient religion. Their nods to the old gods are recorded for posterity so that we might learn about the Old Ones and the beliefs of our ancestors.

Purchase now on Amazon Kindle for only £3.90!