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Well, Scotland, I’ve voted YES for you, for a better country, for fairness, justice and equality.

I’ve voted for the sick and disabled who have been through the indignity of the ATOS system, and for those who committed suicide when they had their benefit removed.

I’ve voted for the poor, whether employed or unemployed who haven’t eaten for the last few days or who are keeping their heating and hot water off for as long as possible, even in winter.

I’ve voted in memory of the innocent men, women and children in other countries who have been killed in illegal wars or annihilated by nuclear weapons. I’ve voted to get rid of those weapons.

I’ve voted to keep the rich from getting their greedy hands on Scotland’s resources and giving us back a fraction in return.

I’ve voted against their campaign of fear, propaganda and lies.

I’ve voted against the Westminster elite and their worship of Mammon – the greed of riches they possess where they allow UK citizens to suffer and starve whilst they get higher wages and subsidised expenses.

I’ve voted to keep our NHS, which we pay for in National Insurance contributions, but which Westminster is selling bit by bit to the highest bidder.

I’ve voted so that future Scottish votes will always matter and not be worthless any more.

When I wake up tomorrow to hear the result I will know that I lived by my convictions. I stood against our oppressors.  Scotland, my prayer today is that, regardless of Westminster’s taunts and lies that we’re too small and insignificant to be independent, we did it anyway!  We might be small, but we are a brave nation with a brave heart.

Let your fears evaporate.  We will lose nothing and gain everything.  Saor Alba!

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