Started a writing course today!  Here is our first creative writing exercise using automatic writing (not the spooky kind!).  We were given the first sentence (in italics) and had to write for seven minutes without stopping.  This is what I came up with.

* * *


The books in the library were opened at page three, but Suzanna could not think of work today.  Her head was filled with thoughts of all that had happened the night before.

Who would believe the daylight would change everything?  Who would believe the events that had unfolded?  She closed her eyes, both wanting to remember it all so vividly and, at the same time, trying to forget so her tutor wouldn’t wonder why she was not reading like everyone else.

But she wasn’t like everyone else in the room.  She never would be again.  The memories crashed in around her and she excused herself, making a hasty exit to the toilets where she bolted the door securely and threw herself on top of the rim.

Once she had stopped being violently sick and the waves of nausea had disappeared, Suzanna picked herself slowly up off the floor.  Back outside, she made her excuses to her tutor.  He nodded, with a worried expression.  It was clear to everyone in the room she was very ill.  Little did they know why, and it was best for them all that they never found out.