She wasn’t the sort of woman who shouted to get her point across. She wasn’t bold in any way. She wasn’t eccentric or extroverted. She didn’t wear outlandish clothes or have brightly coloured hair.

Her house wasn’t modern or decorated in anything other than pastels. She wasn’t someone who would hang a distasteful picture or, indeed, own anything that wasn’t traditional.

Her tea cups were never stained and nothing was ever out of place. She didn’t have a pet due to the possibility of disruption or disharmony the hairs would bring.

She did not live in town because she did not like unpredictability of someone visiting without telling her first. She was never spontaneous. If someone invited her somewhere, she would never automatically accept the invitation only to decline it later. No. There was never any different reply from “We’ll see”, and she never committed to it until the day before the event.