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Alyson Dunlop, who claims to have been attacked by a vampire-like being in her home and to have seen a bright orange UFO zigzagging through skies above the Carron Valley reservoir, will discuss the possibility of communicating with aliens via shamanism, while Ron Halliday will ask whether UFOs and their occupants are real or just figments of our imagination.

Ewan Irvine will talk about psychic powers, and Peter McCue will discuss UFO cover-ups and conspiracies.

Nick Kyle will give a lecture on the Scole Experiments which were investigations into mediumship and afterlife.

The conference will also feature photographs of ghostly happenings, strange glowing orbs and what some have claimed is an image of a real-life fairy.

The event, sponsored by Phenomena Magazine, will start at 10am and is due to finish and 8pm. Tickets cost £10.

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