CFX4 Plasma Ball Bigger (Orange)



Foreword by Alyson Dunlop, Lead Research
I attended a recent SSPR lecture in Glasgow, where a man, knowing I had an interest in UFOs, approached me. He told me he’d had a sighting back in 1979 and wondered if I would care to hear about it. Of course! But nothing quite prepared me for what he told me… I was too stunned to question him, as I sat and listened, mouth agape. I didn’t need to ask if the event had frightened him. It was clear it had. I asked him if he would share his story with SPI Scotland and thought it would be best if you read it in his own words. This is the first announcement of his incident, and I am quite sure there will be more to follow in the months ahead, when I can again discuss the case face to face with the eye witness. Interestingly, the event happened in November 1979, the same month of Bob Taylor’s incident when he was attacked by a UFO, and various other people saw a UFO in the sky round about the same time in the Livingstone area. It is also the month that SPI was founded, because of that case. Now, it would seem, we may have another piece of the jigsaw…
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