My person experience of hospital ghosts and one sinister entity in the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, last year.

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People often comment on how spooky hospitals can be at night.  It’s true.  They can be extremely disconcerting, especially when you are ever so slightly attuned to seeing through the veil.

I was in hospital in May and December 2014.  Both times I experienced seeing spirits and one other entity.  I’ll start with the spirits, as they are less unnerving.

On 28th May 2014, I had my 2nd kidney transplant.   I awoke from the anaesthetic feeling obviously very woozy, and drugged up to the eyeballs on morphine.  Not, incidentally, classed as a hallucinogen.  However, when your consciousness is neither here nor there you are in…the twilight zone!

I was being propped up in bed by two nurses, and just before I reached full awareness, a young man passed by my bed.  He had fair hair, possibly strawberry blonde.  In that light, it was difficult to tell.  He had a…

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