Ali J Stone

It all kicked off again on Thursday 31st January.  Just as my SAD was beginning to lift, another kind of sad took its place in the form of a woman called Ali Jay Stone (probably a pseudonym). I used to communicate with this person, but blocked her two years ago and had heard nothing about her since.

It began when Sacha Christie posted a link to her radio show: See here.

Darren Cooper shared it and was met with this response from Ali Jay Stone:

There are all sorts of reasons why people fantasise, fib, or “have a spot of wishful thinking”, Mrs Stone informs us. Well, Mrs Stone would know. Mrs Stone also seems to have an issue with researchers who take screenshots, but wait a minute…  Isn’t Mrs Stone a UFO/Rendlesham researcher? Surely she would know that screenshots constitute necessary evidence.

I was then sent something written by Ali Jay Stone from 26th January:

According to Mrs Stone, the Warren investigators are simply starstruck groupies who want drama. Believe me, I have enough drama going on in my life without fawning over wannabe rock stars. My motive is now, and always has been, to find the truth. I can assure you, I am not involved in this toxic subject for the fun of it. Actually, as of the publication of Peter Robbins’ blog on 13th June 2017 I haven’t really been involved in this subject at all.

Although it is quite badly recorded, without quotes or colons, Mrs Stone copied the conversation which followed on Sacha Christie’s Facebook page. We are unsure how Mrs Stone came by the information, whether through a ‘spy’ or a secret Facebook address. Either way, she certainly does stalk Sacha Christie. Our conversation is recorded after the first paragraph:

As you can see, I have said that I blocked her due to her constant messages.

She goes on to say:

She claimed she had never had any communication with me and that I was “rather naughty” for claiming this to be the case. She says she never trusted me and that I  fantasised about the conversations we had. She called me a liar. Big mistake in a day and age where every word is recorded and you need to be sure of your facts before accusing someone of lying… However, we will come back to that later.

By Sunday 3rd February, we received the following:

Mrs Stone was now threatening to turn up to the Woodbridge Conference 2019, which is being organised by David Young and John Hanson. Sacha Christie will be speaking. She includes a catty remark at the bottom that she hopes I will not be there with my emails (i.e. those she sent me).

Sacha immediately responded:

David Young responded that it would be fine for her to buy tickets so long as she did not threaten to cause trouble.

Sacha pointed out how insignificant Mrs Stone is to the film (Capal Green) and investigation (of Larry Warren).  Frankly, we are all at a loss why she is attempting to weave herself into something so utterly toxic that the rest of us wish was not part of our life. If you have a choice, especially if it has nothing to do with you, keep yourself out of it is my advice!

As for me, well, I was getting fed up being called a rather naughty liar. As soon as she had started talking about me and calling me a liar, I immediately unblocked her, found our communications, and screenshot them all. All 85 pages of them. It never fails to amuse me how people with something to hide get annoyed about people taking screenshots. As investigators, shouldn’t we be doing just that and making sure we have all the facts before opening our mouths? I would have thought so. Also, as researchers we depend on evidence. Screenshots are evidence. Reading primary sources is evidence.

I decided to respond to Mrs Stone. She wants attention, so I shall oblige. Now is the time to show everyone exactly who is the liar.

(Response Cont.):

That’s the thing with social media. You need to remember that it’s all there. It’s all recorded. You cannot lie. You cannot call others liars unless you are sure they have lied, but of course Mrs Stone already knew who the liar was.

Out of the 85 screenshots of messages I took of our communications 2+ years ago, I posted this one publicly in order to prove to everyone that I was not a liar. She was.

Within minutes Mrs Stone, or her “spy”, had seen our responses.  She did a quick retreat and started back-pedalling. An apology would have been better, but instead of even replying to my response Mrs Stone informed the world she would not be attending the conference, that if anyone trolled her, she would hand out screenshots at the conference along with a police escort (nice of her to give them a day off from the murderers and rapists), and have Sacha, David, and myself arrested. To finish off this embarrassing display of shameful behaviour, Mrs Stone further humiliated herself by implying that Sacha, David, and myself were a “threesome”.

I assure Mrs Stone that we have never been in any kind of threesome. I have met the others once, David at the Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference 2016 (Glasgow) and Sacha in 2017 (Falkirk). In the past, we have shared information with regards to the Larry Warren investigation and both David and Sacha have been on my show. We are friends and have respect for one another. I’m not entirely sure what Mrs Stone is trying to imply, but this kind of spiteful comment is both pathetic and childish. It makes you wonder what goes on in someone’s life and mind when they come out with things like that.

What is clear is that it took less than an hour for her to change her threats about appearing at David’s conference after we mentioned the possibility of her receiving a police visit and I had posted up one page of her communication to me.  However, she now claims that my evidence is…wait for it…a mock up! She tried to say I faked the screenshots of our communication. Of course, with illness and conference organising I have plenty of time for faking screenshots of people who have nothing to do with me and whom I have not communicated with for two years. Of course.

I bet she’s feeling rather foolish. It certainly didn’t take her long to change her mind about the conference, though, did it?  She has humiliated herself by trying to lie about me. She got burned. I will not be lied about. I wasn’t stalking. I was going through my own private messages, as is my right to do.

Incidentally, this is also the woman who spread lies and gossip about David Young being a government spy, as you may have heard me question David about on my show.

Up until this point, I really had no major issues with her. She’s annoying and gossipy and actually I had completely forgotten about her as our last communication was exactly two years ago to the day!  However, she chose to make it personal with the wrong person. Ali Jay Stone is not a researcher of anything. She is an attention seeker. Well, she’s got our attention now. Perhaps she’ll be more careful what she wishes for in the future.

It didn’t stop there, however. Mrs Stone is now posting violent messages about people being kneecapped! I am sure the police will be interested in this and Mrs Stone may be finding herself receiving a visit from her local constabulary. She ought to warn her husband in case he has that fit.

Quite frankly, who has the time for all these games? Not me. Life is too short.  This  attention is unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary, and puerile.

Over and out.

The Rather Naughty, but Truthful, Alyson Dunlop