On 22nd December 2016, the UFO community in the UK began to unite and move forward. Finally. Those who have been the victims of Larry Warren’s ravings and threats, those who have been lied about (myself included), and turned against one another by him, have made amends.  It had been a truly beautiful day.  We agreed to all go into 2017 together, the slate clean.

However, on the very same day I was so disappointed that Ben Emlyn-Jones chose to support the very person who had ripped us all apart in the first place.  I can barely believe Ben would do this, on that day of all days.  A day that progress was made. Shame on you, Ben.

How could you, after that farce of a radio show you did with him, “Larry Warren Speaks”?  “Responds to serious allegations,” it says on your web page.  Did he? Did he heck. I sat and listened to him do the exact same all over again, off on his own agenda, pretending to not even remember the name of the group organising the conference he had been banned from twice.   It was pathetic. People in the chat room got no chance to voice their opinions, but were hounded down by Larry’s henchmen as soon as they protested.  Not everyone who disagrees with LW and his behaviour is a troll.  In fact, you say in your blog that he is “flawed”, “his own worst enemy”, “a difficult man to get along with”, and “volatile”.  He claims to have PTSD.  No person I have encountered with PTSD has behaved so badly.  PTSD, if he has it, is not an excuse for his behaviour for the last 30+ years.  You talk about people having damaged goods on their shelf.  I can give you a pile of them, and they are not pretty.   Those who have been through far worse do not behave in such a destructive manner as LW.  It is not PTSD, or at the very least it is not only PTSD that is responsible.  Those with the condition would never dream of willingly causing pain and heartache to others. He has caused a lot of emotional damage, and has never stepped forward to apologise for it.  He has only emerged with a mouthful of erratic and foul language to further accuse people who have done nothing wrong, except stand up to his threats and unacceptable behaviour.  Yet, you stand by and condone it.  On your show, Ben, his threats were brushed under the carpet, like they were nothing.  Do you know what he said to me on the day I told him our event had been cancelled by the GUU?  “This is the best publicity you’ll ever get.”  He could not have cared less.

You use the phrase “Truth Mob” like it’s a vile thing to be avoided at all costs.  You would prefer to live in your bubble of conspiracy theories than ever get to the truth out in the real world.  You’re trapped in Larry Land, Ben.

You claim a fanatical campaign has been organised and launched against Warren. Are people not allowed to respond to threats of being told they will have their windpipe punched through their spine, as he did with Sacha Christie?  Are they supposed to sit quietly when they are called a bitch who needs to be “run out”, as he did with me?  His repugnant language is thrown about at everyone, whether friend or foe.  Yet, you cannot see it.  Not even after Peter Robbins issued a clear statement saying he was cutting ties with Larry.  Why would he do that?  Do you think after such a long friendship Peter would walk away for no good reason?  Just for the sake of it?

You say you have been presented with no evidence?  Are you serious, Ben?  Are you unable to comprehend what is written on Sacha Christie’s blog?  It’s not fanatical.  It’s dedicated to something you do not seem to be remotely interested in: the truth.

I was under the impression, at one point, that beneath Larry’s volatile exterior there was a heart of gold. I was so wrong.  I’m not even sure there’s a heart there.  If there is, it’s made of stone.

I can tell you right now, I for one am not going to be sitting quietly and just taking the insults, and you can bet that Sacha Christie never has and never will either.  You, and the ever-depleting allies of Warren will just have to suck it up.

The truth has come out and we are taking no more bullshit from anyone.