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The story of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident is known around the world.  However, what is less certain is exactly what happened, and exactly who was there.

For years, Larry Warren has claimed to be the whistleblower which, in fact, is inaccurate. Furthermore, the research gathered by Sacha Christie shows that he is, at best, an unreliable witness. His account of the event has changed more than once over the years. At worst, he appears to have faked photographs and sold false memorabilia of the rich and famous dead.  On top of his reputation for aggressive and threatening behaviour, it’s hardly surprising that a great deal of suspicion surrounds this character.

All Sacha Christie’s evidence can be viewed here: Sacha Christie’s Infomaniac Blog 

Part of the on-going investigation has highlighted that Warren’s handwriting appears to resemble certain other military signatures.  If these are proved to be forgeries, there really is no evidence that Warren was there at all during the 3rd night of UFO activity.  This is something Col Charles Halt and many others have always maintained, saying that Warren used other people’s stories as his own.  There is even less evidence that he ever saw alien beings in the forest that night.

As well as faked photographs, potentially faked signatures, and selling fake memorabilia, this would mean that the book he wrote with co-author, Peter Robbins, is also perhaps based on the fantasies of Warren.  Recently Peter Robbins cut ties with Warren.

Obviously there have been some rumblings from Warren’s indignant supporters and die-hard fans, although, as the evidence piles up, there definitely appears to be fewer of them.  As someone who is now no longer a supporter of Larry Warren, but taking part in an investigation, I am aware that many people have started to see the cracks in his story.  Those people want answers and resolution.  They want a proper investigation.

Myself and my colleagues have decided to set up a GoFundMe page through SPI Scotland in order to raise the amount necessary to have Larry Warren’s handwriting professionally analysed.   It’s the only solution that will ever make both sides happy, barring a full lie-detector test.   Handwriting analysis is more accurate, though.

It seems both sides think their evidence is correct, and unfortunately ill-feeling will forever be present on this subject until it is resolved with some hard and irrefutable evidence.

Larry Warren’s credibility has been in question for many years.  This will resolve the issue once and for all.   Then we can all move on.  None of us like this.   We are questioning it because we believe we have evidence which shows that Larry Warren has lied to all of us.  If our efforts so far are not enough evidence, there is no choice but to have an independent professional give us the answer.

Thank you for considering donating money to this cause.  Properly verified evidence is something that everyone within the UFO community should be striving for.

Click here to donate to our GoFundMe page.