I hear a lot of negative comments about religion, but at the heart of it all is the same thing. It’s what Jesus was all about: love.   Religion is not the problem. People are the problem. We forget that ultimately, regardless of our differences, we can love each other.  “Church” is anywhere your heart is and the Divine presence can be felt anywhere and everywhere, if you allow yourself to feel it

The Bible is a book with a mixture of mythology, allegorical stories, and a little bit of history thrown in. Christianity is based on many ancient religions (it’s never been denied), but it is timeless and beautiful, if you know what you’re looking at and understand what is being said. Having read about world religions and practised various traditions over the years, I personally have never felt so spiritually uplifted as I do right now, but it’s okay if it’s not right for others. Spirituality, I think, is something you find on your own when/if you are ready.

All I would say, is that I deliberately shut myself off from Christianity for years, seeing all the negatives, thinking it was something it was not. A few years ago, I decided, as an experiment, to throw myself into it to try to understand what people got from it. I decided consciously not to focus on all the negatives and preconceived notions I had. The rest is, as they say, history.   There was a point where the jigsaw puzzle all fitted into place. I’ll never forget that feeling of love radiating out from my heart, connecting me to the Christ energy, when finally I understood.