(From The Gospel According to Thomas)

Then some of those disciples said to Yeshua:
“Tell us who you really are, so that we may believe in you.”
He replied: “You are testing the FACE of Heaven and Earth.
You are studying The All [the manifest universe]
without recognizing the Divine One that inhabits everything and everyone. You do not see God, literally everywhere. But you do not even know how to truly live in just this moment, without an agenda.
“When you finally see ‘The I’ within yourself, you will emotionally melt in joy and you will know that the I AM and the ‘I’—Its manifest expression— are One. If you have seen ‘the I’ within, you have seen your I AM Self. 91.
When you perceive one not born of woman
[seeing the Christ Expression perform its work within you]
then lay Down your ego personality and its mental habit patterns,
with which you have identified and protected all these years,
and just let them go. STOP leaning on your old habits.
Live spontaneously now, in the moment, without an agenda, and you will be led by the Divine One, and you will live in the frequency of Bliss.
Humbly honor only that birth-less and death-less Divine Life Force in you. Worship That One … with time spent together … within.
Make the purification and vibrational increase of your Temple [body]
the first priority; for that is the first glimmering of re-union
with the great I AM of you, in you, as you. 15.
from the Lachlen Paul French translation of The Gospel According to Thomas