EDX-Files Show 10: Peter Robbins Responds to Halt’s Slanderous Allegations


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Join me and guest Peter Robbins as we set the record straight over the recent slanderous allegations made by Charles Halt with regards to Larry Warren and the book he wrote with Peter Robbins, Left at East Gate. Share far and wide, folks.


Sita’s Story

“Sita’s Story” is a supernatural period adventure fiction tale about a Scottish urban myth from Lanarkshire in Scotland . Written by Helen Moir and Ron Halliday over twenty five years ago and now being unearthed for the first time.



“Sita’s Story”

“Sita’s Story”  is a supernatural period adventure fiction tale about a Scottish urban myth from Lanarkshire in Scotland .  Written by Helen Moir and Ron Halliday  over twenty five years ago and now being unearthed  for the first time.


About the authors:   Helen Moir

IMG_7545 Helen is well known in the Larkhall area for her involvement in promoting local history.  Helen has previously published a number of historical and pictorial books on Lanarkshire towns for Tempus Publishing (now know as the History Press).   Sita’s Story was written over twenty years ago after Helen experienced a number of vivid dreams when she wrote her first initial draft.  In 2014  Helen approach Ron Halliday, a well known author and friend of many years who had shown great interest in the story from its initial inception.   2015,  they decided to re-visit the story and this is now the completed work. The idea…

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Was Jack the Ripper a Woman?


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Mary Jane Kelly

“One of history’s oldest unsolved mysteries is the identity of Jack the Ripper, the infamous serial killer who stalked and murdered at least five women in London’s East End in 1888. The brutality of the Ripper’s crimes—as well as Scotland Yard’s failure to solve the case—caused a wave of hysteria in England and inspired gory headlines around the world. In one of the more recent efforts to crack the long-cold case, an Australian scientist used swabs from the stamps and seals of some of the letters Jack the Ripper was believed to have sent to police in order to construct a partial DNA profile of the sender. Though the results were admittedly inconclusive, they indicated that the samples were likely to have come from an unexpected source—a woman.

Far-fetched? Maybe not. It’s true that while many theories about the killer’s identity have emerged over the years, some of them more implausible than others (Lewis Carroll of “Alice in Wonderland” fame?), the police only had four actual suspects—all male. But after a witness said she saw the fifth Ripper victim, Mary Kelly, hours after she was murdered, the chief inspector in the case suggested it might have been the female killer escaping in Kelly’s clothing. Later proponents of this “Jill the Ripper” theory suggest that a midwife (possibly an abortionist) would have had the anatomical knowledge usually attributed to the Ripper, and would have had easy access to her female victims. As the theory goes, the most likely suspect may be Mary Pearcey, who was convicted and hanged in 1890 for the murder of her lover’s wife and child—and who had used a method similar to the Ripper’s to commit the crime.”

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SPI Scotland


Isadora Duncan photoRound about 1999, I was in the passenger seat of a car.  We were heading towards Glamis Castle, along a country road.  Suddenly, I was no longer in the passenger seat.  I was in the driver’s seat, but at the same time my consciousness was outside looking at the scene.  It’s difficult to explain, but it seems the mind can really be in two places at the one time.  The scene before me showed a woman in a 1920’s style car and the same style of clothing.  The car was cream, with burgundy leather seating.  The woman was also wearing cream (or white).  She had short, bobbed, curly hair.  She was upset.  Or I was, as I was still also experiencing this through the woman’s eyes.  The whole thing lasted about somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds.  I really can’t quite remember, but it seemed like a…

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HOSPITAL GHOSTS by Alyson Dunlop

My person experience of hospital ghosts and one sinister entity in the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, last year.

SPI Scotland


People often comment on how spooky hospitals can be at night.  It’s true.  They can be extremely disconcerting, especially when you are ever so slightly attuned to seeing through the veil.

I was in hospital in May and December 2014.  Both times I experienced seeing spirits and one other entity.  I’ll start with the spirits, as they are less unnerving.

On 28th May 2014, I had my 2nd kidney transplant.   I awoke from the anaesthetic feeling obviously very woozy, and drugged up to the eyeballs on morphine.  Not, incidentally, classed as a hallucinogen.  However, when your consciousness is neither here nor there you are in…the twilight zone!

I was being propped up in bed by two nurses, and just before I reached full awareness, a young man passed by my bed.  He had fair hair, possibly strawberry blonde.  In that light, it was difficult to tell.  He had a…

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The Coulter UFO Incident



CFX4 Plasma Ball Bigger (Orange)



Foreword by Alyson Dunlop, Lead Research
I attended a recent SSPR lecture in Glasgow, where a man, knowing I had an interest in UFOs, approached me. He told me he’d had a sighting back in 1979 and wondered if I would care to hear about it. Of course! But nothing quite prepared me for what he told me… I was too stunned to question him, as I sat and listened, mouth agape. I didn’t need to ask if the event had frightened him. It was clear it had. I asked him if he would share his story with SPI Scotland and thought it would be best if you read it in his own words. This is the first announcement of his incident, and I am quite sure there will be more to follow in the months ahead, when I can again discuss the case face to face with the eye witness. Interestingly, the event happened in November 1979, the same month of Bob Taylor’s incident when he was attacked by a UFO, and various other people saw a UFO in the sky round about the same time in the Livingstone area. It is also the month that SPI was founded, because of that case. Now, it would seem, we may have another piece of the jigsaw…
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G is for… Ghosts at the University of Glasgow [ABC Sundae]

I’ve seen ghosts in the Western Infirmary too. The University of Glasgow is also my alma mater, and there are one or two atmospheric parts of it, where you just have a feeling of being watched…

Photos from Glasgow University

G is for... Ghosts at the University of Glasgow [ABC Sundae]I’ve been wondering for ages if there are any ghosts living at the University of Glasgow, or ghost stories associated with it, so I’ve been doing some digging online. Surprisingly, I couldn’t really find that much. Some sources claimed that Glasgow was “the most haunted place in Scotland”, but the number of easily discoverable ghost stories or examples of paranormal activity was very low. This might be partially because the University’s Old College campus was demolished in the late 1800s when the University moved to Gilmorehill. That been said, I did find a few interesting bits.

There is a story from the Western Infirmary, built by the University in the late 1800s:

One night in 1975, Mary McLellan was working as a ward sister at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow. She was setting up a piece of equipment in a room facing a well-lit corridor when she became aware of…

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